Friday, October 1, 2010

A few of AVA

ok, maybe more than a "FEW"... lol
this is pretty much "Aug. Photos"...

Back Yard Fun!

We (as i have said before) moved the pool into the back yard. It was SUCH a Great decision and the kids just had a TOTAL blast. :)
Pictures ~>

Front yard fun

All summer we had such fun with our friends and front yard. This is just a few photo's, but we pretty much spent Every weekend BBQ'ing and having a blast.
We are so blessed and i am thankful.
Check out the pictures!

The pool!

We put the pool in the front yard for a Fun Saturday BBQ.
It was so fun we moved it into the back yard for the rest of summer. We just put it away, Sept 20th or so. :)

Um, 2 months, WOW!

How have i not logged in/blogged in 2 whole months? This is crazy to me. It's been such a crazy busy long summer. In the 2 + years i have had this blog, i have never gone this long.
I am going to try and recap the summer in a few short photo's and such. I hope hope hope to be back on the blog-wagon now and getting into a groove.