Monday, September 28, 2009

Olivia and Evan @ the New Sanno

So, for some reason, i did not take many pictures of the New Sanno. :(
I thought i would but i was tired and in a hurry most of the time.
Here are a new from the outside, the day we left.
We were waiting for our bus.
Evan is blocking his face with his new airplane he got. :)

Oh and Evan eating breakfast at the Emporium.
I wish i would have got more pictures. :(
We did have a lot of fun, for that one night.
I did go ahead and reserve us in a King Room for 4 night in January. (Kind of like a Honeymoon/Birthday (s)/Baby-moon.... LOL).
We will see!

CPO Khaki Ball 2009

So, this past Friday Ethan & I went to the Khaki Ball in Tokyo for the New CPO's. :)
We had a FUN time and really enjoyed ourselves!
We took the kids with us, and they stayed with baby sitting... and had a good time as well.
We had cocktails (well i did not)... and dinner... a speaker and a "Show".
And then say "show" it was the ladies (single maybe???)... Dancing on the Dance floor. WOW!
Um, i want a front table next year for the show.
We had some goooood laughs for sure!

All in All, i had a a nice time and got to meet some very nice people.
I look forward to next years... and that's NOT me!
Usually i don't like these events, but this one was Top Notch! :)

Ethan and I @ our table...

The table setting... so pretty!
The wooden box is a sake' 'cup'.

I don't know why... but when ever we go to these type of events i always love the look of the Hat Table. Weird, but It's true. There were a Few hat tables that night, as there were a LOT of people!

Part of the Ceremony.
They just broke open a big Sake' Barrel (or pretended to...) and are doing a Toast. :)

Ethan "Toasting".....

A View of PART of the room. It was big, with lots of tables/people. :)


So, a few weeks ago i bought a few of these comics @ the mag. stand.
I thought Olivia MIGHT enjoy them.
Was i ever wrong, She LOVES them!!!
So, ... everywhere we go, ... she has one.
And, i love that i don't have to ask her to read ... because she does so on her own! :)
And, now with these books, she is doing it more often.
FYI, i looked through them (mom/meemaw) and they are rated "E" for everyone, ... and i saw nothing inappropriate in them. :)

IKEGO Boy Scout Event

So, i am behind a few weeks on my blogs, ....
I am trying to catch up!
A few weeks ago the kids and i joined the Local Boy Scout Troop for some Homemade Ice cream and Hot Cobbler. Yuuumo!
My hubby try's to help out that troop... as he loved Boy Scouts as a child.
We had a ball,... and the food was yummy for sure.
Please enjoy the few pic's of the kids!

~> Churn baby churn~!

Daddy and Olivia making ice cream.

Olivia, Erin (a friend) and Evan ...



20 wk Belly~Shot

This picture was taken in a bathroom, yes. Don't laugh (although i am... hahahaha)
Anyways, this weekend while we were @ the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo I thought "Why not".
So, i snapped this shot.
We are about 20 weeks now, and the baby is growing!
How do i know? Because starting last week the movements went from Flutters to Down Right Kicks! Now, i have not felt one kick from the outside yet :-( but Ethan Swears he did the other day. :)

I have my next OB appt this week and i don't wanna go.
Why u ask?
Because i Feel like i have put on 100 pounds in the last month.
Now, i know that's BS, because i still fit all my clothing, but ... still... i feel UGH~ for a lack of a better word.
I will keep u updated on whats going on with us.
I hope there is More Blogs and more about Japan soon, as i am getting my energy back :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Big Ultrasound~!

Today was our big ultrasound!!
We had a very long/thorough ultrasound and so far everything looks good.
After all the measurements, she looked for 'something' to let us know the sex of the baby.
We looked a few times and every time we saw No Boy Parts.
So, we are 80~90% sure it's a Girl! :-)
But, she wanted to warn me that with Girls, sometimes the 'parts' are hiding. She said in her case... w/ her last baby... it was "Girl on ultrasound and Boy when born".
Anyways, i am going with "Girl".

In other news. At my Very First (1st) ultrasound in June was told Feb 19th for a Due Date... per measurements.
Today, as per last "Cycle" my Due date is Feb 14th, Valentines Day... but the baby is measuring Feb 10th. haha.
So, with my 'track record' i am thinking early February.
I am going to stick with my Valentines Day Due date for now. :)
We will just have to wait and see.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 weeks

So, a few days ago i took a picture of my 'baby belly' as requested by many of you :-).
We're 18 / 19 weeks now, and ... go for the big ultrasound Tomorrow!!!
I have no indications as to what the sex will be, we will try and find out though.
Olivia's going with us. Evan will be in school.
She is hoping/praying for a sister, like no ones biz!
And, if i have one small want... it's for her.
I would love for her to get her much wanted baby sister.

We have our next appointment on Sept 29th, and we should be around 20/21 weeks. :-)

Evan & the ER

So Sunday the 13th Evan got a ride in an Ambulance. And Mommy got to Flip Out! haha
We were @ the NEX Furniture Store and he lost his balance sitting on a backless couch, and fell backwards into a Wood Table Edge, then hit the floor. When i picked him up, he was bleeding everywhere. He was screaming like never before. It was just the worst ever! The NEX quickly called 911 and they we're there in an instant. Olivia and I drove the car to the ER, while Ej rode w/ Evan. (Wow, how did i give him up to Ej?!? i don't know!).
When we arrived, the bleeding was controlled and the Doc was already working on Evan.
He had to get cleaned up, and get a numbing shot in his head and 2 staples. (he could have got 1~2 more, but the scar will be in the hair, so no need for Extra ones).
He was brave, and tried hard to not cry and so on. I was so sad for him 100%. He requested Daddy be in for the staples and so on.
Honestly, Daddy and Evan need that bonding time. Daddy had been gone for a lot of his life... until now. I am glad Evan is wanting Daddy and they are bonding.
Anyways, we got back on Sunday for removal. He has not had any fever/puss/complications, and has pretty much forgot about it. So,...i hope the removal wont be bad. The very next day he went for his 1st day @ school. haha.

Daddy took this picture (his hands).....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Evan's 1st day @ School.

1 st day of school for Evan. :-)

Putting his backpack away.

Aw! He did not even look back!
And, it was good he had his own assigned seat and so on.
I know he will adore 'school'... maybe not the early mornings/schedule... but he will enjoy his school time.

After-school SMILE!
Had a Great Day Mom!

~Nawlins~ Good Eats!

Today Tammy & I went to this new food place. This place is located right outside the Womble Gate of Yokosuka Base.
How do you get there?
Exit Womble Gate and take a left on Rt16. Then take the 1st available left... ! It's that easy. You'll see it on your right hand side.
You can park on the street and walk up & order. :-) The man who owns it, is very nice and the food came Quick & DELISH!

The menu is in English, as you can see, but they also have a Japanese version. All transaction's in Yen & Credit Card! :-)
The Portion's are HUGE IMO.

Let me just say, the sandwich was HUGE!
We shared one, and it was WAY Enough.

Oh and eating on the water ... was a nice touch.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Starts/Update of sorts

So, school started yesterday! :) Welcome to 2nd grade Olivia!
On Friday we went for the Meet & Greet @ her school and Olivia started to get really Excited about Monday's 1st day.
I will say that the 1st Morning went off without a hitch :-).
Then, around mid-afternoon i got an e-mail letting me know that school was releasing early; due to the Tropical Storm headed our way.
Olivia came home @ 1230 and we only saw about 1 hour of 'weather'. It passed Quickly.
Below is a picture of her and Evan on the 1st morning.

Today was another story!
We were total zombies this morning!!!
So tired, and the excitement wore off i guess. haha.
We all got to bed on time last night, and got good rest, but the morning just came 2 quickly!
We did make it to school on time/dressed & pressed... AND well fed. LOL (miniwheats)
Below is the pic from this morning.

In other news?
Evan did not get into the Pre-K program here in Japan.
We did not "Qualify" to begin with :-(, but we were told to put in an application anyways, Just in case. I did not expect him to 'get in'... but a LITTLE part of me thought... there is a chance.
Really though? Where was no chance. LOL

No real other news.
Ethan is working...
And, i am trying to get back into the routine of housework/staying home/keeping Evan busy and happy.
I CANT WAIT for Fall :-), so i am kind of counting down the days until the weather is in the 70's.

Oh and we have our week 16/17 OB Appointment on Friday. I will sure update you on that here soon.