Thursday, September 17, 2009

Evan & the ER

So Sunday the 13th Evan got a ride in an Ambulance. And Mommy got to Flip Out! haha
We were @ the NEX Furniture Store and he lost his balance sitting on a backless couch, and fell backwards into a Wood Table Edge, then hit the floor. When i picked him up, he was bleeding everywhere. He was screaming like never before. It was just the worst ever! The NEX quickly called 911 and they we're there in an instant. Olivia and I drove the car to the ER, while Ej rode w/ Evan. (Wow, how did i give him up to Ej?!? i don't know!).
When we arrived, the bleeding was controlled and the Doc was already working on Evan.
He had to get cleaned up, and get a numbing shot in his head and 2 staples. (he could have got 1~2 more, but the scar will be in the hair, so no need for Extra ones).
He was brave, and tried hard to not cry and so on. I was so sad for him 100%. He requested Daddy be in for the staples and so on.
Honestly, Daddy and Evan need that bonding time. Daddy had been gone for a lot of his life... until now. I am glad Evan is wanting Daddy and they are bonding.
Anyways, we got back on Sunday for removal. He has not had any fever/puss/complications, and has pretty much forgot about it. So,...i hope the removal wont be bad. The very next day he went for his 1st day @ school. haha.

Daddy took this picture (his hands).....


Jessica said...

Head injuries bleed so bad!! I would have totally fainted if it happened to one of my kids!! LOL! Hopefully your little one is feeling much better now! Poor little Guy!

Gina said...

Aren't kids so resilient! Meanwhile us mom's are the ones having the mini heart attacks. : )

I'm glad he's feeling better.