Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Carnival at Purdy Gym [Yokosuka Japan]

This past weekend we went to the Halloween carnival on base here.
It was 2$ for Adults, 1$ for Olivia and Evan was free.
At the carnival they had kids games, jump houses, a mini haunted house.
Also, they were giving away lots of free items and had a costume contest [we did not sign up for]. Also they had free cookies and milk for the kids.
{i guess it was not 'free' because we paid 5$ to get in the building, but the 5$ was well worth it... to get out, and have a big of fun.}

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chili's [Yokosuka Navy Base]

We went to Chili's the other night [maybe Monday].

The weather was so foggy, and we could not even see out of the windows.

*The kids after a nice fulfilling meal*
*Check out the menu... and all the 'X's... this means it's not available. ugh... the whoa's of living overseas.*

*Check out the FOG... in the middle of the day [about 4 pm].*

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our visit to Ikego Housing Base

We took a military housing tour on thursday of last week. We really enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to get off base. [Even if it was to drive to another base, haha]

The class went ahead onto Negishi Housing in Yokohama and we could not go because Olivia was in school, and was getting out before we would be coming back.

So when the trip was over [to Ikego] we took the train back to the Yokosuka Base Area. When we got back to the area we went to lunch at a Japanese Restraunt and Ethan, Evan and I really enjoyed ourselfs.

These pictures uploaded backwards,... gosh! Weird! Sorry... scroll to the bottom and work your way up... haha...

Evan with his toy prize from lunch---->

Not much to report...

Well, as the title says, i don't have much to report.
Today Ethan and i went to see 3 more homes. The 1st 2 were a joke. J-O-K-E!! I mean, i was insulted that would even show us dumps like that. [I'm sorry... its the truth!! I have to be honest here.]
Although i have my heart set on living on base [yes, my view has changed...]... i don't know when we will see the end to this housing stuff. We were told to call today and 'see' what the #1 family thinks of the town home in Ikego. If they say no thank you... we get the place.
Well, i called this morning, thinking we would know if they said yes or no... she says they have until TOMORROW! Yup... 12 noon is the deadline for them. I am so aggravated. She said they has a 'time limit' and they were told on FRIDAY morning.
I have this feeling they are going to take it [who would not?] and ... we will be stuck waiting again. we have seen so many off base homes. A few are ok and a few are a def. no.
I kind of wish i would see something that is 'perfect' and that would 'sweep me off my feet' such luck yet.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ghost Ship [not really]

Do you see the Naval Ship? This is the view outside my hotel [a few days ago]. Its pretty foggy here in Japan... This was 'Pirates of the Caribbean' freaky!! haha

Friday, October 24, 2008

100 Yen Shop [Olivia's Items]

This is what Olivia bought at the 100Yen shop.
She totally enjoyed herself. She has been looking forward to the 100y shop for a few months, as i told her all about it. So, for her... this was the highlight of her day. :)
For 6$ [or about] she picked out a Hello Kitty bag, 2 types of Hair things, a Stationary gift set, a Multi-Color Pen with Lanyard & a Trinket toy w/ 'treat' inside.
I will have to say... the multi-color pen and stationary set has been her #1 purchase. She also loves to bring the bag with her everywhere.
I think she got a few great items for about 6$!

100 Yen Shop [Yokosuka Japan]

A 100 Yen Shop is like a $1.00 shop [only its sooo much nicer, and has way better quality items.]
I am not exactly sure where this 100 y shop is located, but i do know it's off of blue street to the left, by the train station.
It's on the 5th floor, and it's a 'good size' shop. [Not the biggest I have seen.]
They have just a bunch of stuff... nice stuff.
They also have a small grocery section, and things are around 100 yen not exactly 100 yen.
Remember ... to click the photo to make it bigger.

Sock Heaven [for you Kitty]

These pictures are for Kitty... she loves socks!!
In Japan... she would be in sock heaven!!

Mr. Donut [with Olivia}

A few days ago we let Olivia stay home from a field trip and spend the day with Mommy & Daddy.
Evan went to CDC that day. So we headed out early.
We went to our favorite donut place, Mr Donut's. This place has been Ethan's favorite from our last Japan tour (in Sasebo).
So we enjoyed about a hour of coffee and chatting with Olivia.
At Mr Donut you have a tray... and when your done you return the tray. Everything, including trashed is placed on top, and someone behind the counter takes care of it for you. Kind of like a cafeteria.
[btw, look how long Olivia's hair is getting!! She is very proud, and loves it.]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AU Student Phone

Today we went out and got cell phones.

We have sure needed them!! (I HAVE MISSED MY OLD ONE FOR SURE!!)

While we were searching for ours we found this 'student' cell phone, for little children.

Yes... we sooooooo fell for it!!! Actually we did not fall for anything... they were trying to warn us that this phone was a non English phone, and we would not be able to read anything... but that's OK.

We still figured it out. (and the guy helped us out too... :))

So, at age 6 ,... almost 7 Olivia has her 1st cell phone.

It's restricted for sure, and can only dial Daddy, Mommy or 119 (In Japan that's like 911)... it also has a GPS locater built in... that parents can access, to see where they are at any given time.

My favorite feature is a PANIC string. If she gets lost/trouble she can pull the string and a very loud sound starts screaming out of the phone. During that time... the phone automatically takes a picture... and alerts the parents.

HOW COOL~!!! the link above takes you to the website... if you wanna read all about it. (in English of course)
So, for about 120$ a year (10$ a month) ... I feel like it's def. affordable, and neat-o.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

About Mikoshi Parade [Yokosuka Japan]

So on Sunday we went to the Mikoshi Parade held on Blue Street. The parade starts on Blue Street and ends on the Yokosuka Base (through Womble Gate).
We really enjoyed it... it was nice to see a cultural event like that the 1st month living in Japan.
The kids were totally tuned in. They both were excited and were very well behaved.
At this parade they had many booth's. They ranged from games to food... to kids items.
It was almost fair like.... maybe carnival.
Anyways, the kids got to play some games... and win prizes. We also tried new foods (for the kids) and enjoyed ourselves a ton!!
No... we don't have a new pet fish, although the kids were PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!! haha
The last picture was of Olivia with a big ole' smile. She was saying how much fun the day was... and how 'she had everything a kid could want'........ she is so funny!
I hope you enjoyed the photo's!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mikoshi Parade [Yokosuka Japan]