Monday, October 6, 2008

Last day of school

Friday October 3rd was Olivia's last day at school. She had a great day. Her teacher is FAB. I had to put in a good word for her when i withdrew Olivia on Friday. They gave Olivia a Photo Album with something super nice wrote in the front. It included pictures of all her classmates. They also made a nice pillowcase for her, and everyone signed it.
Her teacher has agreed to do something called a Circle Journal. We will pass this back and forth between Olivia & her class. It will include photo's and letters from her friends.
Friday was a pretty hard day for us. Olivia attended this school all of Pre-K and Kinder & the 1st part of 1st grade. We will miss that school & all Olivia's Friends for sure!!!


Gina said...

Moving away and leaving her school friends must have been sad. : (