Monday, October 27, 2008

Our visit to Ikego Housing Base

We took a military housing tour on thursday of last week. We really enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to get off base. [Even if it was to drive to another base, haha]

The class went ahead onto Negishi Housing in Yokohama and we could not go because Olivia was in school, and was getting out before we would be coming back.

So when the trip was over [to Ikego] we took the train back to the Yokosuka Base Area. When we got back to the area we went to lunch at a Japanese Restraunt and Ethan, Evan and I really enjoyed ourselfs.

These pictures uploaded backwards,... gosh! Weird! Sorry... scroll to the bottom and work your way up... haha...

Evan with his toy prize from lunch---->


Anonymous said...

If come to live in Ikego make sure you buy a space heather for the times that is cold because if gets cold and is not time for the Navy housing schedule to turn the housing heather you are going to get cold! Thanks good I am going back to USA, where Apartments have heat and AC when I need it.