Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AU Student Phone

Today we went out and got cell phones.

We have sure needed them!! (I HAVE MISSED MY OLD ONE FOR SURE!!)

While we were searching for ours we found this 'student' cell phone, for little children.

Yes... we sooooooo fell for it!!! Actually we did not fall for anything... they were trying to warn us that this phone was a non English phone, and we would not be able to read anything... but that's OK.

We still figured it out. (and the guy helped us out too... :))

So, at age 6 ,... almost 7 Olivia has her 1st cell phone.

It's restricted for sure, and can only dial Daddy, Mommy or 119 (In Japan that's like 911)... it also has a GPS locater built in... that parents can access, to see where they are at any given time.

My favorite feature is a PANIC string. If she gets lost/trouble she can pull the string and a very loud sound starts screaming out of the phone. During that time... the phone automatically takes a picture... and alerts the parents.

HOW COOL~!!! the link above takes you to the website... if you wanna read all about it. (in English of course)
So, for about 120$ a year (10$ a month) ... I feel like it's def. affordable, and neat-o.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)


cricketspaw said...

LOVE the student phone!! Nate is going to be so jealous!
About housing, I'm sorry you have to put up with them. They were nasty to everyone I know, so its not just you :( Very mean to me, I had the CO's wife come in with me a couple of times and they were snotty to both of us...I checked and I guess our courtyard is officers and one chief (?) I think. They never told me that when we moved here. But, there are people moving all over the base, all the time, so it should be much quicker than Yokosuka, Imagine the kids walking to the primary school in the mornings with all their buddies.
It is quiet and pretty here, and Zushi is a great town. Ahhh...having your kids penned up in the lodge is no fun! Hang in there! (You will be so happy to be able to send them to their own rooms :) )

Rachele said...

Hello! I'm adding your blog to the blogs that I follow! You should follow ours too!

Love ya!


PS is it weird being back in Japan?

Tiffany said...

Good to know! We'll be getting my 10 year old daughter a phone next year (when she goes to middle school, on the other side of the base). We have AU too.
Just tell Yokosuka you want to live at Yokota. We are the only family in our building. We have 3 empty 4 bedroom units in our building, and a building that has no one in it, and one across from me with only 2 families.
Granted, they are all unrenovated and we have to move in 2 years, but we'd love to have neighbors again!

Gina said...

Those phones are useful Branden has one too, but he has a blue one for boys! Ha ha ha. : ) I love the GPS on them. : )