Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's 3 am [JPN time]

So today was out 1st full day in Japan. What did we do??
We woke up and ate some breakfast, the kids did anyways. Oatmeal to be specific. Ethan ran down to the lobby vending machine and bought us some BOSS coffee. It was hot and gooooood!!
Ethan had meetings and checking in stuff to do, so the kids and i decided to chill at the hotel.
We played and i made come calls and mostly just played referee.
Around 12 noon i decided to have the kids nap, we were all still so tired. I also layed down with them. And obviously my hubb-ster decided to lay down too, when he came back around 3 pm. Well we all slept till almost 10 pm!!! We got up and realized that the kids were going to be up all night and that we had no food in the mini fridge, and that they were hungry.
So, i rushed down stairs and found out the mini mart is open until 11 pm. We all got dressed and picked our dinners, and some breakfast stuff.
We came back to the room, and ate... the kids watched 2 movies and we put them to bed at 2:15 ish. Yup........ haha. Crazy for me, if you ask anyone!!
I guess to be technical we are 'napping' because we have to be up and roaring to go @ 6 am for our walk/bus/taxi ride (we have yet to decide) Attend the Cultural Classes that are required. (The kids will be in childcare all week........... yup Olivia too. She will start again, in 1st grade next Monday.)
So, the picture is he view outside our hotel window, ... it's night time of course.
Its 3:06 am........... bed time!!


Gina said...

Your whole family is jet lagged, ha ha ha. It happens to the best of us. Just give it time. Enjoy your cultural class today. : )

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Welcome to Japan! With so much going on I'm sure you'll all get over your jetlag soon. I look forward to reading more about your experiences here.