Monday, October 6, 2008

We are all packed up

We packed all our stuff up on Tuesday & Wednesday.
We were supposed to clean all Thursday, but it was already clean (amazing) and all it needed was a good wipe down. (Thanks Jasmine & Kitty for all your help!!) Because we did not need to clean all day, we gave our keys a day early.
Here are a few pictures from those days.
The little girl in the picture is my neighbor's daughter, Nina... Adorable!!


Tiffany said...

Samuel has that same shirt! It totally fits him, but Ben will be wearing it soon, he's the one who has had stitches and glue on his head twice since moving here and he says "that cool mama?" all the time!

Jessica said...

So I found your blog while searching about life in Japan, as my husband is considering orders there. I have to ask, were you on JFSC in Norfolk?