Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 1 of Culture Class (AOB/ICR)

Well today was a full, and interesting day.
So today started earrrrrrrly this morning when the kids decided the 'nap' was over at 5 am. Yup.
We all got up (me w/ 2 hours of sleep) and started the day. Showers, and getting ready in general.
We left the room about 6:45 am to catch a 6:50 am bus to the Childcare place. We were unsure of the distance and so on.
Well, we rode it 3 stops, and had to get off... we missed the stop!! Yup. everyone we spoke with says that walking takes forever, and taxi's/buses are the way to go. Well, we found it way easier and enjoyable to walk. The plus is it's not far to get places!! The map makes it look far, but really... it's not.
So we back tracked to the childcare area and enrolled Olivia & Evan and left. Easy Easy!!
We walked to the Building that holds the class, and we were right on time.
I have to say, the class is 'been there, done that' and so,...... i was falling asleep. But, i heald it together, and dealt.
The time Ethan and i spent together was SUPER Enjoyable... and i loved it!!
During our 1.5 hour lunch break we walked into the Commissary and NEX.
I have to say the Hario Commissary is newer feeling, and bigger... seriously!!! (Hario being Sasebo Japan's Small family housing base)
Anyways, its got what we need... and i am grateful for that. We also have a deli and that's a huge plus.
We went to the NEX and bought a phone (YEA!!!) and now we have 'hotel phone' hooked up in case someone from the base needs to call (housing) ..... and now we also have our vonage phone hooked up too. :)
After lunch we had more class.
The class let out about 3:20 pm ish and we went ahead and walked over to get the kids.
They were playing outside, and were very happy.
Olivia said she had a great day, and Evan was happy too.
They told me Evan cried for me after his nap, and that Olivia helped calm him down. Also they aid they had a good 2 hour nap... both of them, and they were very hard to wake up. haha
After we got them, we walked back to the room so Ethan could change out of his uniform.
We decided to take the base bus for a tour of the base. So we rode the entire route, and got to see the rest of the base, and all the ships.
It was interesting.
We rode the bus back to the starting point for us, the hotel. Directly next door is 'Chili's' and we decided to eat there.
We got a table with a water view, and it was very nice.
Unfortunately the kids were asleep in the booth with us, ... after they started their meal... but before ours.
So, we had our food packed to go, and we carried them back to the hotel.
(what a hike with a kid asleep on your hip!)
Oh, and carrying a bag of food. hehe
We got back to the room, and layed them down... we ate our dinner, and Ej hit the sack while i typed this and was out in minutes.
I am having long blinks myself, and this its time for bed....
photo's tomorrow?
i will try and upload them...
Oh and ... we have a housing appt on Tuesday (1 week) please pray for God's will. :) thank you!!!