Wednesday, January 13, 2010

35/36 weeks (pic's)

Ok so ... i am 35/36 weeks pregnant.
Some days i Feel HUGE and some days, not so much.
Today? I "Feel huge" but don't feel i look it... in these pictures.
Maybe it's the shirt. Let me tell you, i am feeling it now.
In particular today? Very high strung feeling. Biting every one's head off... heart beating fast and very anxious feeling. Maybe Panic-y?
I don't know.
Enough Talking... here's the pictures.

Baby things...

So, i am Starting to get in the mood to shop.
I think it's panic... but we will call it "the mood". haha
Today, while Evan was at school i went off base to find some things i have been thinking about.
Here is a slideshow of just basic/boring baby stuff. If that interest's you... please view!
All of it was bought off base, so it Might be interesting to you Meemaw/Mom.
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

YAY for Visitor's!

Slideshow Below--->
So, a few days after Christmas we were SUPER happy to host some old friends of ours!
They Traveled from afar, but not to far, ;). Just a Bullet Train ride from another part of Japan.
After a long train ride, they arrived late Wednesday night. After a Yummy Dinner and hanging out, we all crashed.
Thursday we all got up and headed out to the Disney Store in Yokohama (via train) to buy their DISNEY Tokyo Tickets. After we got that out of the way, we looked around (at all the wonderful shops).
We made it to Queens Square Mall, where Build a Bear is... and each of the kids got to make a bear! Evan got "camo bear", M got a Hello Kitty Bear and Olivia got a Winter Wonderland Bear.
After some looking/shopping we headed to eat. We had a yummy dinner @ Hard Rock Yokohama. Then... picked up a few dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme ... & headed home.
After a long day... we stayed up and rang in the new year like dorks.... but ... hey, we were tired.

The next day we headed to Enoshima Island.
It's traditional for the Japanese to go Shrine Visiting, but we just did it... to have a bit of fun in the crowds. ;)
We spent the Entire day @ the island, getting pictures and looking around.
It was COLD and we got home late. We all Crashed after a warm dinner..

The next day M & Family headed out for Disney (We decided to stay home!).
They spent the whole day there and had fun. ;) We relaxed.
The next day, around 12 noon... they were to take the bullet train home.

It was a fun visit, and the kids had THE most FUN staying up until 10~11 every night playing. I have to say, it was the Perfect End to the Winter Vacation.
I am SO thankful they decided to stay with us, and.... i cant wait to have them stay again, or for us to visit their area of Japan. ;-)!
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Evan Turns 5!!

Well, 2 days ago Evan turned 5!
It's hard to believe my baby is 5 years old. He has just grown so fast.
He still looks and feels like my Little Baby, but that wont be for long as we have a REALLY little baby coming soon. ;)
We generally dont do big parties, ... so I made Evan his Cake of choice, and icecream...
Also, he got to choose his favorite dinner (Shrimp Alfredo).
This weekend we will do something "fun" for his birthday... like maybe go grass sleding/bike riding.... something.
Anyways, we had a small party... and i let a neighbor friend come over for cake.
But, other than that, really low key. ;)
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Enoshima for the New Year!

Yesterday, for the New Years Day we went to Enoshima Island.
We did this last year as well... we sort of make it Yearly thing. Most Japanese People go to Pray on New Years, but we went just for the fun of it.
You can find Last Years Trip --->HERE<---
We took the trains to Enoshima Island, Walked from Enoshima Station across the 600meter bridge... and onto the island. We ate street foods (like Japanese Spiral shellfish & Sweet Rice Soup & Potato cake & Crisp Sausage and a Grilled Onigiri mmmmm, to name a few!), We walked A Lot, Looked at all the Shrines & Pretty Views, Washed some money, Toured the garden and went up the Observatory....
And to make it all worth it, we saw Fuji!
We also ate a nice lunch at the Outdoor Food Court. It was SUPER Cold and So Windy, but we enjoyed Ramen and Hot Tea's! Also the BEST Curry and Nann!!!!!!! OMG!
I wanna go back for more Curry and Nann Bread!
Above all else, we got to spend this years' visit with Good Friends from another base in Japan and Tim and Kath from here in Yokosuka.

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