Monday, May 31, 2010

For Aunt Jackie...

I think her eyes are staying blue...
You can really see the Blue VS brown diffrence here.

14 weeks~Ava~!!

Ava is 14 weeks (3.5 months?) and just adorable!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Crazy Obsession with...

Pillow's. Not just any pillow... the ones with therapeutic ball's on the inside.
You know, the ones you cant stop squishing between your fingers? Yup~!
Ive had a set of pillows for um... 8 years? I bought them in Sasebo... Love'um!
Cant seam to buy any other kind. Well... it's time for some couch pillow's and i could not buy just any decorative pillow, they HAD to be ball filled. LOL!!!
Well... could not find any... so i bought the Ball's in Bulk, and Filled my Own Pillow Shams!!! (Well, Ethan helped).

The bags of ball's were about 7$ a piece.
And, the sham's about 10$ a piece.

Point being, .... Wait it out, Buy what you Love and Don't have a problem paying for it!!
Because? ...24$ for balls and 40$ for shams... Might last me another 8 years.... or more........... Cheaper in the Long run! :)

I'm in looooooooooooooove!

Thanks D2!!! & Tammy~

Sophie The Giraffe

What do i say? I 100% LOVE Japanese Products, but this one is from France.
I gotta give it what it deserves...... a Blog Post!
WE LOVE Sophie!!!!!!!
I ordered her online, and she is Amazing.
She has been around for YEARS in Europe, and ... I'm in Love, so is Ava. :-)

Check it Out! <---- LINK


I went with a friend to D2 today, a home Store off of 134.
I found and bought some Susu / type items!! :)
One is a mat, and the other 4 are hand towels, but not jjust your standard ones.
they snap on the towel bar, so ... no more towels on the floor. YAY!!!!
SuSu Towels/Items are SO Absorbent... :0)
Love um! Try Um!

of course, had to get all 4 colors!




Ava, 13 weeks :-)

"Big Size"

These 'Big Size' Badminton Set is Funny... but Evan's 'Big Size' Smile is Funnier... to me. LMAO!


Reciently Ethan and I went with the kids and bought some Flowers.

I really love the way our front area feels now. :) I hope i can keep them alive!! :)

It's Evan's Turn!!!

He learned to ride his bike w/ out trainers! :) Took, 2 days... and now he is goin goin goin!!! ;-)

(honestly though, he was 'made fun of' by a boy in our neighborhood and ... i think that motivated him INSTANTLY...Good for Him!!)


I did.... LOL

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big (and small) News!!!!

I'll start with the Small News.
Ava is 12 weeks!!!!
She will be '3' months tomorrow, the 21st. (she was 12 weeks on Sunday.)
She is growing so fast, and I'm lov'n it! She smiles, coo's and had her 1st laugh/giggle this week.
She has only tried to roll over a few times... maybe in the next 2 weeks?

The Big News is after waiting for what seams like forever to move into a 4 bedroom on Yokosuka Main Base.... We FINALLY got called yesterday!!!!! (an END unit... with a covered patio and Lots of Privacy!!)

The big news is we DENIED IT! After much thought, and discussion's with Ethan we could not see moving from our great neighborhood, GREAT SCHOOL and Awesome front and back yards. But, honestly it was the school that sealed the deal for us. We just love Mr. Finlay the principle. He is amazing, and i don't wanna risk loosing a good thing.

YAY.... finny thing is, we don't feel 'let down' we actually feel relieved and excited for the 2nd half of our tour.

Ethan and i spoke about it, and were on the hunt for an indoor/outdoor rug and some other things to help our next 18 months in this house more enjoyable. Kinda like, extending the indoors~outdoors. YAY!!!!!!

So.... that's the news!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

need i say more.........

she's got my ipod!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thank You...

Aunt Jackie and Grandmama!!!!!

Ava LOVES her new Bumbo seat! Ava is so blessed by the both of you.... :-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ava Juliette 10 weeks!

Ava turns 10 weeks in just a few hours.
Today i took a few shot's of her just hanging with Mom.
I hope you enjoy!! :)

I love Close-up's!
I usually take a picture of each feature, around this age.
With Evan i did, and i love looking at all his little features. :)