Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Crazy Obsession with...

Pillow's. Not just any pillow... the ones with therapeutic ball's on the inside.
You know, the ones you cant stop squishing between your fingers? Yup~!
Ive had a set of pillows for um... 8 years? I bought them in Sasebo... Love'um!
Cant seam to buy any other kind. Well... it's time for some couch pillow's and i could not buy just any decorative pillow, they HAD to be ball filled. LOL!!!
Well... could not find any... so i bought the Ball's in Bulk, and Filled my Own Pillow Shams!!! (Well, Ethan helped).

The bags of ball's were about 7$ a piece.
And, the sham's about 10$ a piece.

Point being, .... Wait it out, Buy what you Love and Don't have a problem paying for it!!
Because? ...24$ for balls and 40$ for shams... Might last me another 8 years.... or more........... Cheaper in the Long run! :)

I'm in looooooooooooooove!

Thanks D2!!! & Tammy~