Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big (and small) News!!!!

I'll start with the Small News.
Ava is 12 weeks!!!!
She will be '3' months tomorrow, the 21st. (she was 12 weeks on Sunday.)
She is growing so fast, and I'm lov'n it! She smiles, coo's and had her 1st laugh/giggle this week.
She has only tried to roll over a few times... maybe in the next 2 weeks?

The Big News is after waiting for what seams like forever to move into a 4 bedroom on Yokosuka Main Base.... We FINALLY got called yesterday!!!!! (an END unit... with a covered patio and Lots of Privacy!!)

The big news is we DENIED IT! After much thought, and discussion's with Ethan we could not see moving from our great neighborhood, GREAT SCHOOL and Awesome front and back yards. But, honestly it was the school that sealed the deal for us. We just love Mr. Finlay the principle. He is amazing, and i don't wanna risk loosing a good thing.

YAY.... finny thing is, we don't feel 'let down' we actually feel relieved and excited for the 2nd half of our tour.

Ethan and i spoke about it, and were on the hunt for an indoor/outdoor rug and some other things to help our next 18 months in this house more enjoyable. Kinda like, extending the indoors~outdoors. YAY!!!!!!

So.... that's the news!


Anonymous said...

Happy 12 week birthday Ava!!

Jessica said...

I know this is very rude to ask, but I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about life in Yokosuka? We are heading that way soon and I have so many questions! If not I totally understand and thank you very much for your blog. is my email. Thank you so much!