Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Grounded...

I have not been my personal best.
I have grounded myself from TV & Computer for the next week.
I wont be around.
This is something I need to do for me. ;)
So, Radio it is… haha… I’ll have to Blog (the old fashioned way) and let you know how it panned out. ;)

See you in a week!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update [#2] ... Dryer...

Well, the news is that yesterday it cost me 110$ to have him come out... (he spent 2 hours, and only charged me 1 hour ... :) ... )
He called this morning about the Part and Cost. It's going to cost 135$ and i also have to pay another 110$ to have him instal it. :(

So this Frikken thing has cost me 350$ ... I could have bought a Freeken New (Cheep) Dryer.

I guess i have to think it would also cost to Deliver[a new one], and [the new one] would not match my washer... (LOL)... At least this hopefuly will last a while... (at least until we leave??).... LOL

This is what an Emergancy Fund [repair fund] is all about ......... [Dave Ramsey]........
Love that book!

A few pictures...

Evan having fun w/ his 'Geo Tracks'

It's not looking good!

The dryer guys are here... ACK! I have a bad taste in my mouth... Please oh Please let it be Fixable! (Gosh, i can not believe this... a 4 yr old dryer.)

Update: Yes, its fixable...:) But, it's going to cost us. Total? Maybe 150~200$. But, thats nothing in comparison to the cost of a new just like it. :)
It's not fixed yet, ... tomorrow. They had to go and get the parts. :)
It was Electrical. I did nothing 'wrong' ~few~ ;)

~big sigh!~

A New day tomorrow w/ a doctors appointment for Evan. It's a Well Child Visit. He also need to get his shots updated. (We are Delayed Vax People).

This week is turning out to be more interesting than i thought... ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday... hump day...

Lets see, Today we start the beginning of Overseas Screening. Well, Not Officially. haha
All of us have to have Our Medical and Dental up to date. So,... It's my Turn. :( I am headed to the dentist today. It's been a while... over a year, and i am NOT excited at all. So, ... i guess we will see how it goes.
The kids went last month. (When we wanted Overseas, but did not yet know if we were going.) The kids teeth are doing great! ;)
And they are all set to go, along with Ej... now... it's up to me! ~SIGH~

Well, i am back from the Dentist. Few! It's been longer than i thought. I cant believe it! I am almost imbarresed to type how long it's been.... Almost 4 years! (Turns Red!)
The good news is the Doc said my teeth look great, and he was happy... happy with everything bu 2 Tiny Tiny 'cavitys'...ack!
Actually, it was not bad at all. He said they were Way Small... and it took just about 5 minutes each. Not bad! :)
40$ later, and i was on my way home! :)

So, Now we are all 'Class 1' Dental! ;)
Dental Down... Medical to go!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Start of a New Week...

Well, the week did not start off that good. Lets hope it gets better!

This evening, after washing Ej's White uniform i went to load it in the dryer, and guess what? The Darn thing wont work! I just can not believe this! This Dryer is only 4 yrs old, and a Very Good/Nice type. We have never had a Appliance Problem before, so i feel kind of like "WTHell"???
I guess tomorrow will be filled with Call's and Estimates! SUX!

The good thing is Kitty, my good friend, had me over @ 10 pm tonight and i dryed Ej's clothing, and it looks Great!
And i had a GREAT cup of coffee and GOOD company too! Thanks Kitty *wink~wink*

On another note, i went to the food store and got a "truck load" and we are set for a week or so. We truly needed food. I am glad i went, but i dis-like going in general.
List's and dealing w/ Crowds. Not my favorite thing.

Today was pretty mellow, until the After School stuff happened... dryer/food shopping.

I cleaned out the 3rd bathroom and cleaned it up. I took everything out, and De-Cluttered. :) That bathroom is "out of commission now". I Locked the door behind me! I am Tired of washing down 3 bathrooms. The Funny thing is the kids Always get a bath in our room anyways, because i am always doing other things, & i dont want to leave them in thier bathroom.
So, Now we have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs bathroom.
Most people would think i am crazy, but... i would rather have Less Work!

Well... lets hope the week gets better!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Official!

A Little Bird~y told us on Monday that our Bid for Yokosuka Naval Base Japan was Accepted. We heald the news all week...(boy, that was hard!)
In an e-mail dated for Friday April 4th we were given the Official word!
Were Moving!!!
We don't know the Month or Day yet. Also, We (as a family) have to pass Medical & Dental Screenings...As long as we all pass... we should be in Yokosuka Japan for the Holidays.
I will be around a lot over the next few days to add New Info, and Pictures of our Future 'Home'.
I have already had a Few Questions like...

*Are we Happy: Yes! Very!!
*Was this our Choice: Yes, We waited for Japan, Europe or any Overseas to Actually "Pop" up.
*Where is Yokosuka: "Yoko" (as i will refer to it) is about 45 minutes from Yokohama & about 2 hours from Tokyo. Yokohama is Japan's 2nd Largest City & Tokyo is Japan's and The Worlds Largest Metro City!
We are super Excited & hope all goes A-Ok with Screening!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break is Over...

Well, It's over. The week of Slacking, and just laying around is done. haha I am glad in a way. I enjoy the structure of the week. Although, i will miss Olivia Terribly and wish it Was Summer already, the next 2 months will be nice.

This morning went off with out a hitch. We got up about 7:30 am (as normal). Olivia was already dressed and Evan too. :) I had not even got out of bed yet.

It's very funny. We have been Very Relaxed this week, and yet Monday Morning hits, and the kids are back in the Swing of things Directly! It's almost as if they missed the Structure too.

:) I am Glad i am not alone!

Let see, This weekend we 'forgot' to go as a family to the YMCA for Swimming. I feel sad about it. Maybe we will have to make time During the week to go.

Daddy will come home tonight. I sure do miss him, even on these overnights.

I have yet to plan dinner, ... I really need to make a trip to the store. This is one thing that is a PITA about having one car. (but hey, the Good out weighs the Evil on that one!)

Here is Evan playing with Tape, Sciccors and a STAPLER (for the 1st time)... he just love to destroy paper! haha!