Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break is Over...

Well, It's over. The week of Slacking, and just laying around is done. haha I am glad in a way. I enjoy the structure of the week. Although, i will miss Olivia Terribly and wish it Was Summer already, the next 2 months will be nice.

This morning went off with out a hitch. We got up about 7:30 am (as normal). Olivia was already dressed and Evan too. :) I had not even got out of bed yet.

It's very funny. We have been Very Relaxed this week, and yet Monday Morning hits, and the kids are back in the Swing of things Directly! It's almost as if they missed the Structure too.

:) I am Glad i am not alone!

Let see, This weekend we 'forgot' to go as a family to the YMCA for Swimming. I feel sad about it. Maybe we will have to make time During the week to go.

Daddy will come home tonight. I sure do miss him, even on these overnights.

I have yet to plan dinner, ... I really need to make a trip to the store. This is one thing that is a PITA about having one car. (but hey, the Good out weighs the Evil on that one!)

Here is Evan playing with Tape, Sciccors and a STAPLER (for the 1st time)... he just love to destroy paper! haha!


Gina said...

Your week sounded nice. We only have 1 car too, so I hear you on that one! : )

PS, did you hear about the butter shortage in Japan? I hope it's gone before you get here. Ha ha ha. And weird thing is, I don't see any butter shortage at all around where I live, hmm. : )