Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday... hump day...

Lets see, Today we start the beginning of Overseas Screening. Well, Not Officially. haha
All of us have to have Our Medical and Dental up to date. So,... It's my Turn. :( I am headed to the dentist today. It's been a while... over a year, and i am NOT excited at all. So, ... i guess we will see how it goes.
The kids went last month. (When we wanted Overseas, but did not yet know if we were going.) The kids teeth are doing great! ;)
And they are all set to go, along with Ej... now... it's up to me! ~SIGH~

Well, i am back from the Dentist. Few! It's been longer than i thought. I cant believe it! I am almost imbarresed to type how long it's been.... Almost 4 years! (Turns Red!)
The good news is the Doc said my teeth look great, and he was happy... happy with everything bu 2 Tiny Tiny 'cavitys'...ack!
Actually, it was not bad at all. He said they were Way Small... and it took just about 5 minutes each. Not bad! :)
40$ later, and i was on my way home! :)

So, Now we are all 'Class 1' Dental! ;)
Dental Down... Medical to go!


Flea said...

Crossing my fingers for you! I just got my dental stuff all caught up this last year. *grimace* No fun.