Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Start of a New Week...

Well, the week did not start off that good. Lets hope it gets better!

This evening, after washing Ej's White uniform i went to load it in the dryer, and guess what? The Darn thing wont work! I just can not believe this! This Dryer is only 4 yrs old, and a Very Good/Nice type. We have never had a Appliance Problem before, so i feel kind of like "WTHell"???
I guess tomorrow will be filled with Call's and Estimates! SUX!

The good thing is Kitty, my good friend, had me over @ 10 pm tonight and i dryed Ej's clothing, and it looks Great!
And i had a GREAT cup of coffee and GOOD company too! Thanks Kitty *wink~wink*

On another note, i went to the food store and got a "truck load" and we are set for a week or so. We truly needed food. I am glad i went, but i dis-like going in general.
List's and dealing w/ Crowds. Not my favorite thing.

Today was pretty mellow, until the After School stuff happened... dryer/food shopping.

I cleaned out the 3rd bathroom and cleaned it up. I took everything out, and De-Cluttered. :) That bathroom is "out of commission now". I Locked the door behind me! I am Tired of washing down 3 bathrooms. The Funny thing is the kids Always get a bath in our room anyways, because i am always doing other things, & i dont want to leave them in thier bathroom.
So, Now we have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs bathroom.
Most people would think i am crazy, but... i would rather have Less Work!

Well... lets hope the week gets better!