Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Official!

A Little Bird~y told us on Monday that our Bid for Yokosuka Naval Base Japan was Accepted. We heald the news all week...(boy, that was hard!)
In an e-mail dated for Friday April 4th we were given the Official word!
Were Moving!!!
We don't know the Month or Day yet. Also, We (as a family) have to pass Medical & Dental Screenings...As long as we all pass... we should be in Yokosuka Japan for the Holidays.
I will be around a lot over the next few days to add New Info, and Pictures of our Future 'Home'.
I have already had a Few Questions like...

*Are we Happy: Yes! Very!!
*Was this our Choice: Yes, We waited for Japan, Europe or any Overseas to Actually "Pop" up.
*Where is Yokosuka: "Yoko" (as i will refer to it) is about 45 minutes from Yokohama & about 2 hours from Tokyo. Yokohama is Japan's 2nd Largest City & Tokyo is Japan's and The Worlds Largest Metro City!
We are super Excited & hope all goes A-Ok with Screening!


Gina said...

Congratulations!!! : )