Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Trek

So, this is the last movie we saw during our 'Movie Weekend".
It was GREAT to end on this note.
Star Trek Was Awesome 5 Big Bright Stars!
If you are into SciFi At All... a must see.

Here's a few Evan and Olivia Sillyness for ya.----->

Friday, May 29, 2009

Night @ the Movies....

I mean, Night @ the Museum!!! [part 2]

Tonight we took the kids to see this Fun[ny] Movie!!
We left directly after school (3:15ish) and headed to the base.
The movie started @ 530, but we wanted tickets & good seats.
After acquiring the tickets, we went to Sbarro's Pizza for Dinner.
I think we have eat'n @ Sbarro's ONCE in 8 months. So, it was good. :)

As you can see, we had a friend of Olivia's come along. Her name is Willa and she lives Next Door. ;) She is also in Olivia's class @ school.

The lines and crowds of people for this movie, was... unbelievable! I told Ethan, wow............ they just keep on coming! I wont lie, there were kids sitting on the floor! No Joke! The photo below was taken 1 hour before show time... The people Lined up around the block... there was not an Empty seat in the house.
We had 4th row, Center seats... and i was thankful(Thanks Kath for coming along, and helping with the seat situation!!). After getting settled, we got in the long long long line for candy/drinks.

Do you see how CHEAP the Concessions are? A drink and candy is like 2.50$! After all that, everyone was happy... and we watched.

2 potty breaks later & one spilled medium popcorn and the movie was over. We all had a Great Time. I would Def. buy it! 4.5 stars. A Great Sequel!!! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Angels & Demons

We saw this movie last night.
It was Really good, and got 4 & 1/4 "Alisa" stars. :)
It was nice to have a 'date night' with my hubby.
We really needed it.
And, you cant beat the Yokosuka theatre price @ 3$ for Adults, 2$ for 5 and up. Evan's Free!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Red Lobster~Zushi

So, after our day @ the beach we headed to the Red Lobster in Zushi.
This was a 1st for us.
Red Lobster was a Favorite place to eat when we lived in America.
This place is just a[very] short walk from the beach. :)

The Inside looks A Lot like an American Red Lobster.

The kids menu?
Not so much.
Basic Japanese Choices, IMO.
Pasta, Pizza and the Standard Hamburg "Set".
The kids ordered the Hamburg set.
The prices for Kids Meal's ranged from 700~900Y
It included a drink for that price.

[IMO kids 'sets' at places like Denny's were cheaper and Better..., but the kids were happy so it was a-ok]

I ordered from the Lunch Menu.
The Harbor Course. All this for 1 price.
Very Good Price, for what you get.

Thats 1650Y or 16.50$ for everything from Drink~Dessert~!!
The soup and salad was very good!

I ordered the catfish.... mmmmm!!!!
My set also came with a Dessert, Apple Cobler.
It was So Good, and i basiclly shared with the whole table... but the kids ate most of it.
No pictures! :( Thats How Good it was! :)

Ethan got this ------> cant think of the name right now! ah!!
But, you could get this in Small/Med/Large...
Prices ranged from 1600/2600/3600 ish... this was Meduim.

Our Friend Mel was with us, and he ordered Steak &1/2 Lobster meal.
He said it was delish, but not enough Lobster.
Is there Ever Enough Lobster? No! haha!
We sat @ this table for 5------>

Wow! I was shocked @ the bill! 88$ for 3 adults and 2 kids? Drinks and a Dessert too?
Awesome Deal!!!
This is a Great price.

(I thought for my American Readers this might be interesting. Those are 50$ Bills...Well, 5,000Y Bills. They also have 5$ Coins or 500Y coins... do you see it? The biggest Coin.
FYI: When you pay for anything in Japan... you always put your money on a money holder, like the one shown. )

Oh! and the kids got a prize... Erasers! Ice cream shaped!

And for my Local readers... they take CC!!! Amazing!
(as in Japan you'll be lucky to find a Restaurant to take CC's.)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~IcE CrEaM~Japanese Style :)

Everything in Japan is small.......Even their Ice Pop's!
:)These are about the size of my middle finger and about as thick as my thumb! CUTE!!!

These bring back Memories!!
When Olivia was a baby, and we lived in Sasebo we used to buy these for her.
Aw! How funny she wanted them today as well. Sweeeeet Olivia.
These are also Small, about 1~2 Tablespoons worth of icee pop. Perfect little treat.

This was also an Olivia Pic.
She just loves these little Japanese "Dips".
Basically bite sized ice cream.

What we did not know is they were individually wrapped. NICE!

And these are a personal Fav.
When i grew up in Okinawa, when i was living in Sasebo, both times i had these icee pops! Also, in the states you can find these @ Japanese Speciality stores.
Mmmmm! Lov'um!
You just freeze and snap in 1/2 and it's pretty much Mess Free. :)

And, here is what the kids choose for Today's Treat.
It's JUST like a Fanta Melon Soda Float... but Icee!
SO GOOD!!! (i had a bite!)

Here is what i choose.
I know its a plastic bottle... that i will suck this strawberry stuff out of, LOL... but i don't know the taste, yet.
UPDATE: Um, Yuck? Well, not so much Yuck, ... but it was not something i will buy again.
It tasted JUST like Frozen Strawberry Milk. Yup!
Not my 'thing' for sure!
But, i have had a Brown Colored one... and it was COFFEE! Coffee Icee! Yummie! Mmmm!

I thought, How Interesting... all these Japanese things.
So, i thought, why not share. :)

~Zushi Beach Revisited~

So, Hey Guys! It's been one busy & fun weekend.
I hope your weekend was Great, like ours.
Friday was spent just chill'n at home.
Saturday we played Wii 1/2 the day & did some house related projects. :)
Sunday&Monday we had our friend Mel over for a visit. Sunday we did the BBQ and ...
Monday we went to Zushi Beach, went to Red Lobster in Zushi & Finished the day off with a Movie.

I did not take many pictures of the BBQ or Visiting w/ Mel.
But, i do have a lot of Beach Photos and Red Lobster. :)
Enjoy the Beach Photos----> Red Lobster is Next. ;)

This is the 1st thing i saw when we got to the beach.
Tsunami? Where!?!?... [haha]...
The Beach is undergoing some construction :(... but we still had a blast.

When we 1st walked down to the water we were Shocked...
Shocked You ask?
Because, there were Starfish EVERYWHERE!!!!
It was low tide... and just so warm and beautiful!!

----> See the Starfish? :) There were Hundreds!

[I love this new camera!]

Evan must have collected 30!
We threw all but 3 of them back into the bay.

Small Cluster....

It was NOT warm enough to Swim, but it was Warm Water, and just the Perfect Weather.
I hope for Many Many more days like this one.

We even found 2 Sand Dollars!

BABY........... aw!

the water was not more than Ankle Deep for the mast part.
Ethan and Mel had to walk WAY out to get it deep enough to touch their knee's.
SO warm!
SO Nice!!

There were a Few Wind Surfers out....

Aw! Super Tiny!


Daddy & Evan.... gett'n wet.

My Dress is Wet!

Daddy & Mel

This is in the running for my Favorite Picture of the Day........ and in General!
She is just growing up and getting more and more Beautiful!

Let's walk to Red Lobster (picture's in the next post)...

So,... so relaxing, and Beautiful!

These Girls were having a blast catching 'something'.......... What a Great Mom they have! :)

Ok, here is the 2nd photo of Olivia i love.... from our Beach Day.........

Do you see Enoshima Island and the Observatory building poking out on top?
Kamakura is Just right around the corner! :)

Oh and we will close with... KITES!
We brought some kites with us, and they had a fun time trying to fly them. :)