Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~IcE CrEaM~Japanese Style :)

Everything in Japan is small.......Even their Ice Pop's!
:)These are about the size of my middle finger and about as thick as my thumb! CUTE!!!

These bring back Memories!!
When Olivia was a baby, and we lived in Sasebo we used to buy these for her.
Aw! How funny she wanted them today as well. Sweeeeet Olivia.
These are also Small, about 1~2 Tablespoons worth of icee pop. Perfect little treat.

This was also an Olivia Pic.
She just loves these little Japanese "Dips".
Basically bite sized ice cream.

What we did not know is they were individually wrapped. NICE!

And these are a personal Fav.
When i grew up in Okinawa, when i was living in Sasebo, both times i had these icee pops! Also, in the states you can find these @ Japanese Speciality stores.
Mmmmm! Lov'um!
You just freeze and snap in 1/2 and it's pretty much Mess Free. :)

And, here is what the kids choose for Today's Treat.
It's JUST like a Fanta Melon Soda Float... but Icee!
SO GOOD!!! (i had a bite!)

Here is what i choose.
I know its a plastic bottle... that i will suck this strawberry stuff out of, LOL... but i don't know the taste, yet.
UPDATE: Um, Yuck? Well, not so much Yuck, ... but it was not something i will buy again.
It tasted JUST like Frozen Strawberry Milk. Yup!
Not my 'thing' for sure!
But, i have had a Brown Colored one... and it was COFFEE! Coffee Icee! Yummie! Mmmm!

I thought, How Interesting... all these Japanese things.
So, i thought, why not share. :)


SabrinaT said...

geesh, I am comming to your house at snack time!!!!