Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dasanko Lamen in Zushi

So tonight Kath & I headed out for take-home. (while the kids & Ej waited at home for some 'Good Eats')
I REALLY miss a popular take-home place called Hokka Hokka (or now known as Hotto Motto) in Sasebo. I have been on the look out for a great Take-home place here in Zushi.
Well, I would say Dasanko 'Ramen' house is in the running.
There is a small amount of parking, about 5 spots.
The menu is in partial English.
We ordered and were in/out in no time!
As your driving from Yokosuka Base to Zushi... you'll see this on the left hand side of the road. It's open from 11~830 pm Daily.

I would say, it's family friendly too!
Next time we may just eat in.
You have the choice of Bar/Tatami or Booth...

If you click these photo's you will be able to read \ see the menu better.
The prices are VERY reasonable!

We got 2 Ramen bowls and 1 Beef Curry.
Ethan said the Curry was Great with heat...
The kids & I loved the Ramen, soy based for us.
We also got 3 orders of Gyoza. The kids REALLY love Gyoza.
One order of Veggie Gyoza and 2 Pork.
We also got Miso Soup and 2 Rice Triangles, grilled.
Our order
Ramen (2) 1200Yen
Curry (1) 580Yen
Pork Gyoza (2) 760Yen
Veggie Gyoza (1) 320Yen
Grilled Rice (1) 200Y
For about 30 US or 3,000Y we had a NICE Filling dinner!
The Best part?
EASY :):)


Tiffany said...

We have Hotto Motto. Keep looking!