Monday, May 25, 2009

Dragonball Evolution

OK, on my scale of 1~5 Stars, this is a ... 2.5~3 Star.

It's a movie that would be perfect for a 7~15 yr old.(boys more so than girls)--->
Or someone TOTALLY into dragon ball.
For us, Two 30 somethings and 2 small kids, it was a 'nice' movie day.
I was interested in the plot, AND the 7 & 4 yr old crazy ones... Sat & Enjoyed!
So, for that alone, it's ALMOST a 3 . ;)
We MIGHT buy it, if it's 10$ and under.
It reminded me of a PG rated Mortal Combat Movie.
Anyways, ..... my 7 yr old now 'plays' Dragon ball @ school... i am glad she enjoyed the movie. :)