Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poetry Day @ School

Friday was Olivia's Poetry Day @ School.

Parents were invited.
We were served Drinks and Cookies. :) Olivia and her entire class did Wonderful!

We all Enjoyed their poetry!
They each Recited a Poem of choice, and we also got to look through her Poetry Notebook.
She wrote Quite a Few Poems(i did not take pics of all of them... just about 5 or so!! And of course all were Beautiful, and Amazing.
Hey,... they could not be anything else?!?!.... She is my Sweet Daughter, the Most Wonderful 7 yr old I know! haha (Evan being the most wonderful 4 yr old i know, as well! haha!)

Take a Bow (everyone is bowing), Everyone did Wonderful!
(They stood in the front with their poem on the screen for Everyone to see...)

I did not actually get a photo of her Reading her Poem, but i did get a Video. :)
Click the photo to read her poem of choice. :)

I don't know why, i liked the BLUE Alligator in this picture! haha
And the Frogs Tongue is funny 2! haha!
This Poem is a ABC poem... this is why the Sentence's are not 'correct' and that's OK. :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of What Olivia Does In School (For Grandma's and Family...) Each week passes I get more and more amazed at my little 7yr old, She is just the Sweetest thing you have ever met. I could not want/ask for more...........

I only hope that you can see that (Grandma's and Family) Through this Blog/Photos. I am trying very hard to make it feel like you are not skipping -a-beat.......... I know it's hard!! It's hard on us too... now that the kids are older, Even harder! Especially when they talk about Grand mama, Meemaw, PaPaw, Grandma /Grandpa Brown AND Grandma/Grandpa C.

They miss You!!! And we do too!