Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hannah Joy Update

Well, if you are following the Hanna Joy Story, here's your update.
Hannah is now doing much much better and out of NICU!
She is doing so well that Diana might be able to bring her home this week!
I am proud of my Sister for giving her very best shot at being a single Mother!
She has been through the ringer, with the baby's health issues and her c-section, but... God always makes a way!
Diana is still in a Fragile State, and will have to go through this Mother thing alone... and it's going to be hard. So, if you want to continue praying for her ... those prayers wont be waisted! :)


Navy Chief Family said...

How adorable she is! I know how hard it must be being away from your sister at a time like this. I have not been home for my sister when she lost her baby girl last march and then delivery of another girl this past march. Prayers for your sister and niece! does the lodge have hair dryers in the room?

SabrinaT said...

What a beautiful baby!!! Sending lots of prayers to your sister and you!!