Monday, May 18, 2009

HOME'S Store, Denny's & the Movies!

So, Sunday we had a long, yet fun day. :)

We headed out for a fun Sunday w/ Daddy yesterday.
We went to the Movie's 1st. We saw Monsters VS Aliens! :) It was a Really Cute, Age A-ok Movie for the kids!
The Yokosuka Base Theatre is pretty much our only option, in English.
4$ for Adults and 3$ for kids... it's not bad! :)
And, Snacks for ALL of us...4 drinks and popcorn... for under 10$. A steal! :)
So, we had a fun few hours seeing a movie. It's been 8 months... WoW!

After the Movies we went to Home's. Home's is like a big "home store"... Everything u need for a home (not food).
We bought our Curtins for O's room ... and the Living/Dinning room @ Homes a few months ago, and now we're back!
We REALLY needed Curtains for Evan's room, the Den and Our room.
(the sun rises EARLY here in Zushi!)
So, we shopped around before heading over to the curtain area.

Coffee Table's are on our minds these days, as we both are not happy with the Tall Coffee table we have now.
But, we WONT be investing in one of these for At Least 6 months~8 Months.
BUT, Ethan is S-O-L-D on this Style.
He is Droooooling over these for SURE!
They run Upwards of 2 Thousand Dollars, no joke... but... they are Beautiful.
It would be really Fabulous to own one of these pieces of Art!
(We will be Debt Free 1st!)

The coffee table will be Similar to this one.....

This is the one he REALLLLLy loved!
The legs are Adjustable in Height.

Oh! And Next time we buy a Dinning table, Remind me i LOVE this one!
(of course, after kids! We will be coming back to Japan for shopping... for our Retirement home! haha! And, of course Ethan does not know this yet!)

Ok, this is what 250$ in curtains look like... and we DID NOT go expensive! We went Mid Range!
Ugh! 2 Little Bags? :(:(:(
But hey... they look So Nice now that they are up.... (will share pic's later)...
But still... WAY 2 much YY or $$.
(Oh and one set we bought , our room... did not fit. So, Thanks Goodness Home's has a Return policy!)

After Quite a bit of shopping we headed over to Denny's (within walking distance).
We were all very hungry!
[walk our of homes and walk through that LITTLE door... you'll walk a bit and see it! :)]

The kids were super :):) happy :):) we got a 'cool' booth! hahahahaha

Lets play a Game while we wait....

Now, for my American friends, i am Sorry!
You don't have Fanta MELON options. :(
But, Here in Japan we do... and MAN it's AMAZING! So, if you have not had a Fanta MELON soda float.....go out right now and try one! Mmmmmmmm!!!!
These came with the kids' Dinners!!

Here is our meal.
Ethan got a Steak with Rice 'set'.
The kids ordered from the kids menu.
(Olivia usually does not order from the kids menu, as she Loves Ramen ... but... today was different. She was undecided ... and i kind of chose for her. She was happy and ate everything...)
Evan got with tarter sauce and O got w/out.
And, i ordered my Favorite Salad.
Now, you'll get a BIG laugh at this.
Last time i got this salad... it was so good and it came in a Small Bowl or Plate. It was perfect.
This time? I must have pointed to the wrong SIZE... Because it came on a PLATTER!
With Tongs and 2 plates!
I ordered a Family Size! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, it's OK... i just ate a portion, and left the rest. BUT SUPER Funny!
(I have done this before!... @ a Yakiniku Restaurant... where the American Menu was Vague.
They brought out a PITCHER of Cola! With a STRAW in the pour spout! NO JOKE!
Anyways, Good Laugh!
--->[my big ass salad!]--->

I love how the Japanese Always seam to make the Hotdog Octopus! Adorble!

Aw! What a NICE pic of those 2....

With the kids set comes a sipable Apple Sauce. (At least thats what it tasted like!)
Both kids Loved it!

Dessert Time!
I will call this Cocoa Puff Special! LMAO!
It's Chocolate and Banana Ice cream w/ Whipped topping and Choco Cereal.... mmm!
Olivia and I shared.

Ethan and Evan shared the Mango Sundae.

OH! and .............. i fell in love with a DOG!
Ethan told me, If you want him, he is YOURS!
(what a guy!)
But,................................... Nope. I could not.
Although, this is the 1st dog i fell for... Ever!


Navy Chief Family said...

can't imgaine what the dog would have Denny's yummo
patrick and I just want to eat at wendy's...we will be at the lodge on the 26th but might be spending some time with sabrina.

Alisa said...

Hey Jennifer!
Nice to hear from you! :)
So, you will be here on the 26th ...
We will be here too! (haha!)
Why dont u shoot me an e-mail when your here, and i will make it a point Meet!!
Maybe even meet for a Wendy's Lunch! :)
I will "comment" my phone #... please dont 'publish it' ok?!?

cricketspaw said...

Oooh, that little doggie wants to come out and chew on a new coffee table!