Friday, May 15, 2009

Field Day 2009

Olivia's school had their Field Day today... and what a BEAUTIFUL day too!!
The weather is in the 70's / cool / sunny & breezy! Wow, what a Fresh Feeling!
(as i am cuddled up on the couch with the windows open and a blanket!)

Evan and I headed down to the field around 1030~11 ish, and left around 12 noon ish.
Man, i wish we would have spent the entire morning there!
Evan Especially had the best time.
Olivia's Teacher is just so wonderful, and was thrilled to have Evan join in with some of the events. That meant so much to me!
We went knowing Evan could not join in... but She was the one who asked if Evan wanted to play along. I SO wish Evan was older, and having O's Teacher next yr! :(
but, we still have a while 'till 1st grade.

Olivia, before school (with Willa and Evan... in our front yard)

This is only 1/2 of the field... they had so many fun things for the kids to do!!!

Olivia & her classmates and Teacher. Let's Cheer our Friends on!

Go Olivia Go Olivia!!!

Evan's turn... GO EVAN!

Olivia's Teacher is SUCH a Sweetie! These kids are like her own. It Really means a lot to me. I cant say how Sad i am... that she wont be moving up to 2nd grade.

'Lets Fill the Bucket with as Much Water as we can....'

Olivia and her "friend" Cameron....(they have been caught holding hands! :-O!)

Good Job Evan... Catch the Bean Bag Game...

Olivia learning how to play the Frizbe

Evan learning too... :)

Aw! Evan!

Kick'n back...

A few of Evan...

My future Track Runner!

last but not least....

We had a super fun day... Thanks to O's school.