Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ava is perfecting this sitting thing. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

She cut it, for Locks of Love

What have we been up to?

nothing much, beyond hanging out in the front yard and having dinner outdoors.
the kids are enjoying the good ole 5$ sprinkler, ...
its 2 hot to do anything really. we usually come out around 3ish.
good times

Ava turns 5 months!

Whats been going on with Ava?

This month she has learned how to roll over. :) She can roll both ways, but is a pro at rolling from back to belly. Also, she is enjoying her Tummy time more and more each day.
Just in the last week or 2 she has started to sit up very well, with quite a bit of roll downs (falls). But, she is getting better and better each day.
We have started Eating Solids. :) Every night before bed, about 5/6pm we have a bit of veggie/fruit and some cereal mixed in. She can take down a few tablespoons, that's it. She enjoys it.
We also, just today ... started to learn about/try a Sippy cup!! She can do it, and we are happy, as it's HOT here and we need that option for water/cold liquids when out and about.

Ava is moving right along development wise IMO (in my opinion) because she has a 8 yr old sister and a 5 yr old brother who play with her like she is a real "baby alive" and i let them (under supervision).
I believe the reason Ava is sitting already and has much amazing hand/finger control is because of the Older Siblings. They love playing with her :).
Don't get me wrong, i play with Ava... but i think the influence of the older children has a GREAT advantage.
Even yesterday, Ava was in her 'saucer outside in the front yard watching the kids in the sprinkler, Squealing and wanting to join, @ 5 months.
I could see her wanting to 'play' too. :)
I am thankful for such Wonderful/Beautiful Children! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Picture 2010

Well, it's been 7 years? Yup,... we have not even attempted a professional photo.
I saw this company in the NEX, it looked "cheap" but i thought, what the hell.
I had recently ordered our Old Navy 4th of July attire, and i thought... that would be cute, with Jeans!
So, i payed the 20$ and signed us up.
To my BIG Surprise, the photo's actually came out just as i would have liked..... Natural. This was my goal. I did not wear make up ... we did not 'dress up'... we were, just ourselves.
I was 4 sure that the family pictures would be a bust... but they were OK.
So, we bought the package.
The photo's of Olivia and Evan were for "school" pictures, as they both misses pictures this year due to Ava being born on a Sunday and the kids skipped school while Mommy was in the hospital.
Anyways, ... here they are.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kawasaki Dashi Temple

Yesterday we (Kath & Tim + us) took the train to Kawasaki Japan. We wanted to check out the Kawasaki dashi Temple, and the Wind Chime bazzar.
It was hot, but fun.
Our Adventure is below in slideshow form.
It's not many pictures, check them out.
It's a beautiful Temple, simular to Asasuka's
The Wind chime bazzar was OK, but we did enjoy all the food booth's & siteseeing.
Good times, with Good friends!

~> Slideshow link <~

Kawasaki Daishi (川崎大師), is the informal name of Heiken-ji (平間寺) in Kawasaki, Japan. Founded in 1128, it is the headquarters of the Chizan sect of Shingon Buddhism. Kawasaki Daishi is a popular temple for Hatsumōde (the first visit to a place of worship in the new year).
In 2006, 2.72 million people engaged in hatsumōde here, the third largest figure in Japan and the largest in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Keihin Electric Express Railway(or better known as Keiku), the oldest railroad company in the Kantō region of Japan, commenced service in January 1899 to carry passengers to Kawasaki Daishi from Tokyo.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A GNO (girls night out)...

So, a few weeks ago Tammy (a good friend of mine, pictured here, in the middle) and a few of her friends went for a Girls Night Out/Going away dinner.
We decided on El'Torito's Yokohama.
Here are a few photo's from that night.
It's mostly of food... 'cause i love photo's of food. haha.
We got the "course set" and they just kept bringing the food.

We miss you Tammy!!!!!

Our 1st Margarita

The yummiest salad.

I cant believe i LOVED the Salmon~RAW!

(there was other food, not pictures here)

Tammy & Jerry

2nd Margarita

Flaming Dessert.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Ōfuna Kannon

Today we invited a few friends to come along,... while we searched out the
"Ōfuna Kannon".
It was kind of last minute, but it turned out to be fun!
Lucky us, a Beautiful day to boot!
Here is the link to learn more about this Buddist Temple.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ava Overload 18 weeks (ish)

4th of July

Happy 4th of July from Zushi Japan.
It was a HOT/HUMID day 100%.
We had a nice low key BBQ/potluck with our good neighbor's Coleen & Ryan, Kathleen & Tim, Plus 5 random Sailors.

The kids played in the slip n slide all day, we BBQ'd lots of food & just vegg'd.

After the sun went down we did the fire pit and that was pretty much it.
Fireworks are a no go, on base.
And, we did not go to the water front (30 min's away) to watch the Base's Display, although they do put on a nice show.
We had such a relaxing evening... just the adults sitting around the firepit.
Enjoy the slide show!

Slide show here <---

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ava's 4 and a half months already!

And, learning to Sit Up! .................
Timmmmmmmmber ~> as she falls over.

Blog E-Mails

I have revamped my Blog e-mail list.
If your receiving this for the 1st time, Welcome, LOL

If you wish to NOT receive these e-mails, please respond/email me! ;-)
It's All good. ;)

Evan Graduates!

Evan Graduated the Yokosuka Co-Op Pre-K program a few weeks back.
He worked really hard, and did a fab job!!
Unfortunately, the Co-Op was forced into Closure This Year, After over 40 years.
It was more like a Legal Issue about fire codes and the fact the government would not allow the Co-Op repair the building (due to it being a "gift" to the Government... and they cant accept "gifts"....).
The Government wont repair the fire violation... so, it was forced into closure.

Besides that, We had a wonderful year... and We were super blessed to have to Co-Op as a resource.
I wish it could be around for more families, especially when Childcare/Preschool here in Yokosuka Japan is in a Major Struggle.