Friday, July 23, 2010

Ava turns 5 months!

Whats been going on with Ava?

This month she has learned how to roll over. :) She can roll both ways, but is a pro at rolling from back to belly. Also, she is enjoying her Tummy time more and more each day.
Just in the last week or 2 she has started to sit up very well, with quite a bit of roll downs (falls). But, she is getting better and better each day.
We have started Eating Solids. :) Every night before bed, about 5/6pm we have a bit of veggie/fruit and some cereal mixed in. She can take down a few tablespoons, that's it. She enjoys it.
We also, just today ... started to learn about/try a Sippy cup!! She can do it, and we are happy, as it's HOT here and we need that option for water/cold liquids when out and about.

Ava is moving right along development wise IMO (in my opinion) because she has a 8 yr old sister and a 5 yr old brother who play with her like she is a real "baby alive" and i let them (under supervision).
I believe the reason Ava is sitting already and has much amazing hand/finger control is because of the Older Siblings. They love playing with her :).
Don't get me wrong, i play with Ava... but i think the influence of the older children has a GREAT advantage.
Even yesterday, Ava was in her 'saucer outside in the front yard watching the kids in the sprinkler, Squealing and wanting to join, @ 5 months.
I could see her wanting to 'play' too. :)
I am thankful for such Wonderful/Beautiful Children! :)


Gina said...

Congrats on the sippy cup and rolling over and the solids. Those are really important milestones.

I also totally agree younger siblings get things faster with help from the older ones.