Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Picture 2010

Well, it's been 7 years? Yup,... we have not even attempted a professional photo.
I saw this company in the NEX, it looked "cheap" but i thought, what the hell.
I had recently ordered our Old Navy 4th of July attire, and i thought... that would be cute, with Jeans!
So, i payed the 20$ and signed us up.
To my BIG Surprise, the photo's actually came out just as i would have liked..... Natural. This was my goal. I did not wear make up ... we did not 'dress up'... we were, just ourselves.
I was 4 sure that the family pictures would be a bust... but they were OK.
So, we bought the package.
The photo's of Olivia and Evan were for "school" pictures, as they both misses pictures this year due to Ava being born on a Sunday and the kids skipped school while Mommy was in the hospital.
Anyways, ... here they are.


Bryn said...

The pix came out great, they really did a nice job and you all look wonderful!