Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That Night, White-Water Rafting & Going Home

After we Canyoned... we got all dressed and headed out on the little town.
There was not much to see or do, other than the river, and a small main street.
We were dropped off, and walked most of the way.
It was a beautiful riverside walk.
We ended up eating at a small, but new place... with no English. We had fun with it, and ended up eating REALLY well.

After the Dinner, we headed back to the lodge for a little 70~80's DISCO night.
Nope... not gonna post many pic's from that Crazy Night.

slideshow of that night ---> here<--- (8 pictures)

The next day we all woke up, hung over or not... and got ready for our White Water Rafting trip. Lets just say, it's a Hang-over cure!!! :) SOOOooo fun!
We ran the most beautiful part of the course, our guide told us.
She said... that "run" is usually only open for a few times a year... and we were lucky.
It was beyond words!!!

Slide show of WWRafting HERE<----

After WWRafting we got Cleaned up, Packed up and Headed back to the Train Station. Before we left Minakami for good, we stopped for a bite to eat.
It was a cute little outdoor place, So Quaint... So Delish!
We enjoyed a few more moments, and then started our journey home.
We took the Local JR all the way home.
It was Long, but worth it in the end.
For some reason, our tickets did not work correctly upon Exit at JR Zushi, and we were told to "dozo"... or "go ahead".... NO WAY!!!!
That was a Free (or close to it).. from Minakami ~ Zushi!!! about a 40$ Value! PER Person.
We were Blessed!!!

slideshow of the last few pictures from our trip ---> Here

I hope you enjoyed the slides show's and pictures about our trip to Canyon's.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Pictures of June

Im going to start and end with Ava. :)
She is growing so fast!!

Ombudsmen park.

Friends Forever (most of these kids PCS'd this summer. :( )

Evan loves Ava!

Girls Weekend in Minakami Japan

Evan heads to Kinder this year, WOW.

Ava, 4 months

Olivia, 8 yrs.

Yunessun Spa, Hakone Japan
(With WONDERFUL friends, who moved already :-( )

A treat in Yokosuka

Girl Scout end of year Camp Fire.

Truely Random

Tyler, Graduate 2010
(Tammy's Son. She asked me to do some photo's. They turned out nice.)

Ava, ... :) Today June 28th 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yunessun Spa

Yesterday we went to a Spa in Hakone Japan, with our good friends who are about to move. :-(
We enjoyed our day together...
I cant wait to go back, as i felt like we just got started, when it was time to pack up and leave.

This is a Popular Spa Area, Hakone.
We visited a Very popular "themed" spa.
Please Click --->For the slide show, Click Here <---- , if you get this via e-mail.
I took some neat pic's, PLEASE ENJOY!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Enoshima Aquarium

... was Olivia's last 2nd grade field trip.
Ethan is still playing "Dad of the Year" and he took the day off so he could watch Evan and Ava.

I really enjoyed going on my One Field Trip this year. :-)
Please enjoy the slideshow of "Enoshima Aquarium" <-----click.
Enoshima Aquarium is not actually On Enoshima Island.
We go to Enoshima Island pretty much as much as we can. :) So pretty.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Zushi to Minakami

I am going to add a Few Post's to our 'Trip to Canyons'.
It would be a LONG slide show if i did it all at once.
Let me set the stage and say this was a Girls Weekend!! We had such a fun time, i cant wait to go again!!! We left EARLY Saturday morning and Returned LATE Sunday night. We took the Local JR lines and the Shinkansen... one way 6400Yen or about 64$. It was a 3~4 hour trip... SO worth it!!!
Canyon's Website is located HERE<--- if you wanna check it out for yourself.
We did the 1/2 day Canyoning and 1/2 day Rafting AND Stayed at thier "lodge"(VERY "homey and OLD Japanese style!) and one meal was included for 18,000Yen or 180$.
Both were SO FUN!!
The hardest part was getting on the wet suit (for any size, ~ as we saw a TINY Japanese lady having such a hard time as well...) LOL. We ALL Laughed together.
It was a GREAT multicultural experience! From American's to Japanese to New Zealnader's!
This slideshow includes some pictures like the Title Says... from home~to destination... more photo's to come, so stay tuned!
If you recieve this via e-mail, Click --->here<--- for the slideshow

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Arrival & Canyoning

Ok, so this post is from Arrival at the lodge through our Canyoning adventure.
Our tour was about 3 hours long, and was VERY adventureous!
I reccomend this to anyone looking for a thrill! :):)
After our tour... we went out into the small town for dinner and some photo's before hitting up the 70's Dance Party at th lodge. LMAO!.... so look for those pictures in the next post.
------------------> onto the tour................
See the Yellow Vest on the Far Left side? Yup!!! Thats a person sliding down this waterfall!
WE did this!!!!!
Check out the Slideshow for More awesome pictures.

For those of you whoe recieve this via e-mail.... click below.
--->slide show<---

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zushi Beach for Memorial Day

We went to Zushi Beach for Memorial Day.
It was cold, but not 2 cold.
We had a FUN time!!

Zushi Beach Slide Show<---- Link

Thanks Everyone!!!

For the Plant Info!!! :)
I had no idea, haha.
I hope i can keep it alive.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anyone know...

What type of plant this is?.... Maybe how to care for it?...
I bought it off base, and ... i know it's an indoor plant, thats about it.
I repotted it ...
Anyways, i would love to know how/when/how much to water and so on.
Thanks!! :)

Cute Japanese Book

Cute Japanese Potty Book (for you Kath!)
If you get this via E-mail, click here --->X<---