Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm a lazy blogger, but i have an excuse!

So on the Fruit Scale... If all is going well, we have a Lime! :)
YAY... I love sour things, so ... a lime sounds Perfect!
Actually, i have been craving Sour Everything!!!
What do you think that means?

I'm Tired!
Seriously though, we have had some company for a few weeks...
And, I'm Pregnant!

Anyways, we have our next appointment on August 4th and i should be on the Verge of 12 weeks!
Honestly though... and i can be honest right?
I am not even feeling tight in the clothing area...
I do worry sometimes something is not right.
BUT, other than the Non Tummy Growth (just yet)...
I do have excessive tiredness, major food issues (including burping...ugh!) and sore 'stuff'.
I just plain ole get tired so easily, and feel light headed in the shower and wanna puke when brushing my teeth!
All those sound like 'good' things...... right?
Well, I am not in control of this one, so i am taking it one week at a time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zushi Beach Fun in the Sun

So, Sunday Mel, Tiffany, Ethan, the kids & I went with a packed lunch and plans for a walk/picnic on the beach.
Well, we were surprised to find a million people camped out on the beach too AND bar's (mobile type) lining the area as well.
It was a Cloudy/Windy day for sure and the weather was not to hot.
But, the water was Nice! :)
I wish i wore my suit... but i did not... thinking it would be 2 cold. :(
Ethan wore his swim suit just in case, and had a blast with Evan in the water.
This is my Favorite picture of the day... --->
Thank you Tiffany for these wonderful photo's!!!
(as i forgot my camera!)
Oh and ... wow the wind surfers were out in full force.

This is an Adorable one of Evan too....

Dig Livy Dig!
Look at this picture closely!
These girls played the game 'rock, paper, scissors' to see who get buried.
We saw the whole thing go down.
It was about... 15 of them.
The 2 girls in the sand have perky 'sand' boobs and um... perky other things too! hahahah
Mel & Daddy had quite fun digging and digging, ...... and digging... haha
And, on our walk back from the beach we stopped at a Cafe and had some ice cream and shave ice.
This Machine looked like a new 'old' shave ice machine, ... with big ole' ice block and all! :)
It was the best shave ice ever!!
:)A perfect end to a perfect day...
Except Ethan got a massive sunburn, and the kids got a tiny bit too, but not to bad. :(
Weird too... because Olivia has Never burned ... sun wise. :(
Anyways the kids don't even know they are a tad bit pink... but I feel for Ethan the Lobster. :(

Ooooops! Correction!

I want to make 2 correction's.
One is miss information, thank you Brenda for clearing things up.
One was a miss typing... Oppps, i should reread what i write before posting!

Ok, so the BIG Ferris Wheel only takes 15 minutes to get around. :) Good news, i MIGHT ride it now! I was told 1 hour by another American, but they never actually rode it. Thanks Again Brenda!!!

And, the Tokyo Tower is Japan's Tallest Building...
The thing is, the elevator is the fastest... not in Japan... but in the World! :-O!
WOW! ;) I should have written that correctly!

Yokohama Landmark Tower ~n~ Plaza

So, the other day...Yesterday?
Tiffany, the Kids & I went to Explore some more out in the Yokohama Area.
We were inspired from our trip to Hard Rock. :)
So we headed out for an adventure.
We took the same train to the same stop and took the same LONG moving stairway ... only this time we took one extra set of stiars AND------------->

I felt like i was @ home, for about a minute.
Wow! :) Olivia was so Excited!
Evan too. :)

This is a picture of the Yokohama Landmark Plaza (at the base of Yokohama Landmark Tower).
It's a Mall of sorts.

This is Yokohama Landmark Tower .
It's the Tallest building in Japan with the World's Fastest Elevator.

Evan FINALLY got his own Ticket for something, and he was Quite happy about it.
Normally kids 4 and under are Free Everywhere.
It's 1,000 Y for Adults and 500 Y for School aged kids (O) and 200Y for E.

Thanks Tiffany for getting this awesome photo........
:) It's wonderful!
This is the kids at the top of the Tower....
The elevator ride was very fast and we were all "ooooh and ahhhh", haha.

When we got up to the top... we were all surprise to see, FISH!
There were Many little Aquariums. It was quite nice for the kids...

This is the MM21 district... and we have yet to do this 'park'... but it's on our 'to do' list.
It seams like Living Here, there are just unlimited things to do. :)
I am so glad we chose to explore a new area of Japan, and not go back to Sasebo (Although i still love the place....)..... Living here is just amazing sometimes!
Yokohama is pretty much our back yard! :)

Oh and ... don't forget to try the Dead Skin Eating Fish! :) No joke! they are very 'big' here in Japan, mostly for feet.
Olivia of course never wants to try this... but Evan and I... and Tiff were all for it! :)

When we were done with the Tower Tour...
We saw this guy (American)...who spoke great Japanese doing a show. It was Marine Day here in Japan, so there were lost of Stalls and Shows, esp for the Holiday.

After the show, we went back ... yes it was that good... to Hard Rock Cafe.
(But for lunch this time)...
OMG, Olivia Enjoyed her Wings, and ............

I had the BEST Haystack Salad.... OMG, i want one right now!
(and i am not even hungry!)
The Chicken was burn tasting... so i picked it off.
The salad was WONDERFUL even with no meat. YUMO!

After lunch we looked around the Yokohama Landmark Plaza Mall and found a Build a Bear store! :)
The kids were so excited and Tiffany got her Very 1st BABear! :)

Oh and right before we got on the train... we saw this BIG Poster of Harry Potter.
My kids (and us too)... are HUGE Harry Potter fans... so we had to get a pic! :)


So, this restaurant is located Very close to the Main Base.
But, for us Ikego dwellers, it's an easy dinner choice!
All we do is get on the train here in IKEGO and get off @ Shiori Station and walk about 1 block.
Very Easy, and good!
We also loved Skylark in Sasebo (it was located near Jusco, Sabrina)... if it's still there.

So, this day we decided (Well actually Ethan did)... to share the news with the kids finally.
So, we did it at dinner.
I hope you enjoy the 2 pictures....

This is sooo precious! And, Very Genuine! She was so excited, and still is.

Ok, back to the Restaurant pic's! :)
This is what Evan ordered.

And this is what Olivia (yes she ordered off of the Adult menu... and does quite often) & I ordered. It's all pretty much the same. Steak or Steak Burgers... and all sorts of 'sides'.

And Ethans...........
We all got a drink bar and dessert for under 5500Y (55$) and that's pretty good for Japan! :)

Evan loved that Moped Delivery Cycle. HAHA

Queens Square & Hard Rock Yokohama!

I thought i would start this off with how our day started.
We had a nice day @ the pool ... all energetic and cheery... haha... just wait until the last photo!

So, kind of last minute we decided (Mel, Tiff, Ej and I)... to head to Yokohama and find Hard Rock Cafe'! I was tired, but excited!
We all had a easy easy easy time finding the Restraunt and it was Gooood fooood!

We took the train from IKEGO to MinatoMinai stop in Yokohama. The stop is pretty much Inside the Queens Square shopping 'Mall'.
We had to walk through the mall to reach the Hard Rock, only about a 5 miniute walk.

This is the moving stairs we had to take, to make out way outside.

Wow! :) This is the Waterfront Amusement area. We did not go this time, but next time for sure.
That Ferris Wheel takes 1 hour to make it around!
I wont be doing that.
And, WOW... look at that photo of the family, Worst Ever... haha... Ethan OMG.
Evan too!

YAY we made it---->

This seams where i stopped taking pictures.
I don't know why... but this is all i got! haha.
The food was good, but keep in mind pricey!

This is a Sculpture right between the Queens Square and the Landmark Plaza (Which we did not do that night, but look for more on that coming up).
This reminds me of something out of MIB the movie! haha

The Ferris Wheel was Really pretty @ night! It kept changing into all different colors/patterns.

Remember i said, we started off good? Well, this is how we ended up.
Very funny IMO...
The trains we're packed and they were lucky to share a seat for part of the trip.

With Tiffany visiting, we have been go go go... so i have a few more things to share for sure.
Look for that! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

What have we been up to?

So, i tried to get Mel & Tiffany signed up for the Tokyo Area Sightseeing... but the tour was overbooked.
Instead, Kathleen was so nice and watched Olivia and Evan for the day, and I took them to Asakusa Area and the Tokyo Tower.
It was a full day and we had fun.
Check out the pic's! :)
(Mel took a nice picture of Tiffany & I but... it's on his computer, so I'll post it when i get it.)

Our Family went to Asakusa and Tokyo Tower on our Tokyo Tour with ITT back a few months ago. So, if you would like to check those trip photo's out here are the links.

Tokyo Tower--->

One thing for sure is the Shopping/Temple area was SOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo not crowded.
That was wonderful, as last time we could not even move, that how crowded it was!

Tiffany trying some green drink, that happened to be green tea... cold and sweet!

I thought this was odd.
You never see this type of graffiti in Japan...
So, that leads me to think it was all done on purpose... Hmmmm i wonder!

Wow! :)
Kinda neat!

I like this sign...

This would be neat! To bad we will have moved. haha

Asahi Beer Company....(the big sperm looking thing, haha)...
We are trying to find out if they do any kind of Tour/Tasting....

Main Observatory....

Again Great views!
And for more view pics check out the link above...

And next will be a post about Tokyo Curry Lab, a place we went for lunch on our 'tour'. :)