Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ooooops! Correction!

I want to make 2 correction's.
One is miss information, thank you Brenda for clearing things up.
One was a miss typing... Oppps, i should reread what i write before posting!

Ok, so the BIG Ferris Wheel only takes 15 minutes to get around. :) Good news, i MIGHT ride it now! I was told 1 hour by another American, but they never actually rode it. Thanks Again Brenda!!!

And, the Tokyo Tower is Japan's Tallest Building...
The thing is, the elevator is the fastest... not in Japan... but in the World! :-O!
WOW! ;) I should have written that correctly!


Tiffany said...

Yokohama's Landmark Tower has actually the world's second fastest elevator (it was the world's fastest until Tipei 101 was built).
And it's Japan's tallest building, but Tokyo Tower is the world's tallest self-supporting steel structure.
I (heart) wikipedia... granted it's not always right, but it's a start!