Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So, this restaurant is located Very close to the Main Base.
But, for us Ikego dwellers, it's an easy dinner choice!
All we do is get on the train here in IKEGO and get off @ Shiori Station and walk about 1 block.
Very Easy, and good!
We also loved Skylark in Sasebo (it was located near Jusco, Sabrina)... if it's still there.

So, this day we decided (Well actually Ethan did)... to share the news with the kids finally.
So, we did it at dinner.
I hope you enjoy the 2 pictures....

This is sooo precious! And, Very Genuine! She was so excited, and still is.

Ok, back to the Restaurant pic's! :)
This is what Evan ordered.

And this is what Olivia (yes she ordered off of the Adult menu... and does quite often) & I ordered. It's all pretty much the same. Steak or Steak Burgers... and all sorts of 'sides'.

And Ethans...........
We all got a drink bar and dessert for under 5500Y (55$) and that's pretty good for Japan! :)

Evan loved that Moped Delivery Cycle. HAHA


Brenda said...

We did Yokohama earlier this year. We stayed in that V-shaped/triangle shaped hotel in your picture, across from the ferris wheel (in the pic looking down towards the ferris wheel). We rode it, only takes about 15 min to go around. The park was a little pricey (of course, but you're used to that now, right?) but it had some really fun rides.

Glad you guys had a fun day (and some yummy food!)