Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zushi Beach Fun in the Sun

So, Sunday Mel, Tiffany, Ethan, the kids & I went with a packed lunch and plans for a walk/picnic on the beach.
Well, we were surprised to find a million people camped out on the beach too AND bar's (mobile type) lining the area as well.
It was a Cloudy/Windy day for sure and the weather was not to hot.
But, the water was Nice! :)
I wish i wore my suit... but i did not... thinking it would be 2 cold. :(
Ethan wore his swim suit just in case, and had a blast with Evan in the water.
This is my Favorite picture of the day... --->
Thank you Tiffany for these wonderful photo's!!!
(as i forgot my camera!)
Oh and ... wow the wind surfers were out in full force.

This is an Adorable one of Evan too....

Dig Livy Dig!
Look at this picture closely!
These girls played the game 'rock, paper, scissors' to see who get buried.
We saw the whole thing go down.
It was about... 15 of them.
The 2 girls in the sand have perky 'sand' boobs and um... perky other things too! hahahah
Mel & Daddy had quite fun digging and digging, ...... and digging... haha
And, on our walk back from the beach we stopped at a Cafe and had some ice cream and shave ice.
This Machine looked like a new 'old' shave ice machine, ... with big ole' ice block and all! :)
It was the best shave ice ever!!
:)A perfect end to a perfect day...
Except Ethan got a massive sunburn, and the kids got a tiny bit too, but not to bad. :(
Weird too... because Olivia has Never burned ... sun wise. :(
Anyways the kids don't even know they are a tad bit pink... but I feel for Ethan the Lobster. :(