Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thank You!

We, in the last few weeks have received a few boxes from family and friends.
You all have no idea what it does for the kids,... and their frame of mind.
We are truly thankful!!!!!
Unfortunately i did not have the camera ready, or a hand available for use when opening the other boxes ... but here are the 2 pictures i did happen to catch.
Thank you to Jasmine, Meemaw and Mommy for the boxes!
Jasimine, Olivia LOVEs the clothing and Evan the Toy and Ava looks adorable in her outfit! I will take a pic and send it to you soon.
Meemaw, of course the clothing is Always appreciated!!! And the kids look adorable! :)
Mommy, Thank you so much for the clothing and the Goodies (Easter) ... They are enjoying them... and are thankful.
:-) Again... It's so nice of you to think if us~~~!!!
Thank you!!!


Ava slept from 930 pm~ 430 am last night and woke for a 30 minute feeding and went back to sleep from 5 am ~ 720 am!!! :) She will be 6 weeks on Sunday.
I'm think'n ... that 6 week growth spurt is on the horizon.
I feel human today and there is light at the end of the Sleepless tunnel! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I love my Moby!!!!!

I Love my Moby Wrap!
I got to try and buy one the other day and WOW! Ava Loves it.
As i sit here @ the desk... she is all cuddled in and sleeping so well.
I can actually get things done!
Yesterday i went to the commissary for 2 hours and shopped SO comfy and she was so happy.
Yay for Comfy Carriers!
If you click this link below... you'll be able to see all the diffrent ways to carry your baby/toddler in a Moby wrap.
The Moby Link<----

I will also attach a few pictures of Ava and I a few days ago. It was my 1st attempt at using my wrap. :-)

Ava overload for my Mom :-)

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

Are blooming early this year.
I realllly hope it warms up soon, so we can take Ava out to view some Sakura.
Fingers Crossed!!!

This is Very Near our house.

This one is on the "main base".

Daddy & Ava

The Kids


Look who learned to...

ride her bike!!!
(sorry for the double post)

This is for my Mom

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just a hello

Its been a while, and i am going to try and keep up with the things we have been up to, again.
We will see if i can!

We have not been up to much other than baby stuff for the last 3 weeks.
Ethan had been home on baby leave, but just went back to work this poast Monday.
The kids have been adjusting just fine to the new baby and the new routine, so far.

As far as Ava goes...
We went to her 1 week weight check up and she is doing well. She had already lost her cord, and overall everything was look'n good. :) She was 7 pounds 5 oz.
At her 2 week check up she was just about back at her birth weight, 7 pounds 12 oz (just 1 oz shy of 7lbs 13 oz).
Uesterday we went for a 3 week weight check up and WOW! She has really packed on the weight this week! She is 8 pounds and 11 oz!! :)
We're still fitting onlu Newborn Clothing, but we hope to fit into the Super Cute 0-3 3-6 clothing that was gifted to us. :)
Let's see, Were looking forward to Spring and Cherry Blossoms...
Also, we are #2 on the Housing list for a 4 bedroom @ the "big base".
Oh and yesterday i took Ava for her 1st train ride, just to pay a bill at a local train station. She rode in the Front pack carrier, and she enjoyed it!! I have a feeling we will be getting out and about soon enough, so look for that!!!
Thats it from here!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Ava is here!

Well, the day after my last Blog... i went into Labor!

Feb 21st @ 153 am Ava Juliette was born.

She was 7 pounds and 13 oz and 20.3 inches long.

It was a Quick 4 hour (start to finish) Delivery. :)

She is a good baby, but keeping be busy for sure.

Here is a Picture--->