Friday, August 28, 2009

Olivia's New Classroom

Today we went and met Olivia's new teacher and got to see her classroom.
I am so very happy with Olivia's teacher this year.
She is new to Ikego, but not new to teaching here in Japan. :)
Her classroom does not face the road this year... but the wooded area. It's so pretty out the window.
Click the picture for a larger view. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mt Fuji with ITT tours

Sometime in July (i cant remember the exact date) we went on an ITT tour to Mt. Fuji, Summer Tour. I would recommend this tour because you REALLY get your $'s (or Y's) worth. I think it was about 280~300$ for our family of 4 to go. But, you really pack in the sites. Honestly, there is no way you could see/do everything on this trip for under 250$~300$... including parking/tolls and so on, alone. We had a blast... and i cant wait to do it again, during another season. Maybe Winter. IMO, a must do tour, before PCS'ing from this area.
We left IKEGO @ 3 am and returned @ 10 ish, it was a long day!
As you can see, in the morning we got GREAT Views of Mt. Fuji! :) Lucky Us.
But, as you will see the clouds rolled in around lunch, and never went away again. Typical Fuji Weather for the Summer.
Below--->Picture from the bus, on our way to the mountain.

Look @ the light post. Do you see the little Fuji? Cute!

We arrived @ the 5th station of Fujisan and the views were amazing! We were above the clouds, but there we're clouds above us too. There are 10 stations of Fuji.
The 5th station is the highest you can go (by bus/car)... the rest u have to hike.
(Which Ethan did for the 2nd time last week. It's HARD to say the least!)

The Sky looked amazing that day.

After leaving the 5th station, we went to the Mt. Fuji welcome center.
We watched a movie and learned about Mt Fuji, in English.
And the hands of stuff was fun for the kids!

We also drove by one of the 5 lakes of Fuji. Just Beautiful!!!

Then we went to one of shrines that surround Fuji. I forget the name right now, but its one of the oldest/most popular. I will re post the name when i remember.
The bridge below has a stream flowing under, that flows UP HILL!
It's said to be very mysterious, and Rare!

They say Hug a Tree for the Energy... hugg away!

After visiting the shrine, we went to the Included Lunch.

Now, the price of the lunch was included in the ticket, so that part was nice.

But we had No selection.

We all ate the same thing, even children.

I would prefer to have a choice in my meal.

But the pace we went to was nice, and if it had been a Nice No Cloud Afternoon... we would have had THE BEST View of Mt. Fuji hands down.

But, it was clouded and overcast ... so no view at all.

After we ate, we headed to the 8 ponds of Fuji.

These ponds are filled with melted snow run off from Fuji. They say it takes 20 YEARS for this water to reach the ponds, because of the massive "filters" underground.

Once it reaches the pond, it's SO Pure and Clean... and Clear... and COLD.


they have many areas where u can feel/touch/drink and so on w/ the water from the ponds.

This area of the tour was my favorite, but we spent the Least Time @ this pace. :-(


After the 8 ponds we headed towards the Mt Fuji Peace Park.

See the overcast Fujisan?

The peace park was also SO NICE.

But honestly, after a long day of walking/on&off the bus and so on... i was tired!

The peace park is a lot of walking and uphill/down hill.

BUT, TOTALLY Worth it!

The weather is rolling in!

We were pretty much IN the clouds!


This picture was taken on the drive home. What a perfect Rainbow!

Olivia spotted it... and the whole bus was like oooo aaaaaa!

And, here's our Little Origami Mt. Fuji's. haha

We made them on the trip.

Hawaiian Luau!

When Tiffany & Mel were here in July we went to this Hawaiian Luau. (on base)
It was pretty fun & the dancers were amazing.
(makes me want to plan our Hawaiian Vacation!)
Anyways here are some pic's and I am included! (shock, gasp!)

Below is Ethan wearing this head piece he made.

Tiffany and I having fun, me not so much as i could not drink :(. (Craving that beer for sure... and i dont even 'drink' :-( )
I was about ... 2.5 months pregnant in this pic? i think...10 weeks?

And, the most fun!
Evan and Olivia having a blast with our Hula Garb.
The 1st pic is kinda blurry... but it was so cute (Evan!!)

Summer '09

I tried to pick photo's that would help you see how much the kids have grown this summer.
It's hard to explain / show when you guys (family & friends) are 1/2 way around the world.
Here is Olivia at the end of school (1st grade) / beginning of summer.
[size 6 jeans and 6 top]

These pic's [below] were taken last week.
Olivia now in a size 8~10 top and 10's for bottoms!
Almost a size 3 for shoes.

Evan at end of summer wearing a 4T

Evan now wearing a size 5/6 or 6 boy sizes! No more "T or toddler sizes".

As someone pointed out, at least they grew like weeds in the summer when shorts and dresses were the main clothing. If they grew this way in the winter, we would be going through pants like Crazy! haha

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mt Fuji...

Here is Ethan with his hiking buddy @ the Top of Fuji-san! (Click the picture to make it bigger)

Ethan hiked Mt. Fuji today!
This was his 2nd time hiking the mountain.
The 1st time was years ago, when we lived in Sasebo Japan.
He wanted to climb it again for 2 reasons. 1st because the 1st time he climbed Mt. Fuji it was SO COLD and Overcast, he could hardly see anything/enjoy his hike. 2nd reason? It's CPO 'season' and well... they did this hike as a BIG CPO Event.
CPO selects & CPO's traveled from all around Japan to Hike today.
Now, i wont say he had a "fun" time, but... he did it. haha
I don't think he will do it again.

Splish Splash!

Today we went to the pool here in Ikego.
The kids wore themselves o=u=t!!!
We will sure miss the pool when Summer is over. :(
Good thing we will be going weekly (once a week) to the Main Base Indoor pool for some R & R after school. :)
The kids sure do Enjoy the pool, as u can see.

Our Pool in Ikego is Deep... Olivia cant even touch!
But, it helps her Swimming Skills.
Evan is doing well with short burst of swimming, but still needs that Life Jacket.

Look @ her face, made me Laugh out loud!!!!!
Belly Flop City! haha

Fearless Evan.
He truly has No Fear!
Today, at the ladder he held his breath and went under................. All the way to the bottom!!! Just because Olivia did. Man, he is so crazy!

What do you think??

When Olivia was a baby i heard of this old tale of 'how to predict the sex of your baby, with-out ultrasound'.
Now, i am the biggest sceptic!!
But i thought, why not try this...
FYI: This will only work for children from the same father.

So, you look at the hairline of your children.
If your child has a "V" hairline (Pull the hair up and look close to the neck)..., the next child will be the Opposite Sex.
If your child has a Straight Line Type hairline, the next child will be the Same sex.

I looked @ Olivia's hair line when she was little, before Evan was born. She had a "V" hairline. So, i thought,... maybe a BOY. The 18~20 week ultrasound told us BOY. :)
Well this time i looked again at Olivia's hair... lol ... "V" hairline still and i looked @ Evan's hair line about 2~3 years ago... it was Straight as a BOARD! No "V" at all. I said to myself... next baby will be a BOY.
Well, just now i thought... why not check his hairline again, and see.
I did...
It's a CLEAR "V" hairline! :-O... wow.
So, as per This prediction... it's a Girl. LOL

Hey, it's all in fun, right?
We still have not decided if we want to know the sex @ our Big u/s. Olivia's birth was so fun, as it was a true surprise.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

14 weeks!

Today @ almost 14 weeks along I scheduled our 18 week Ultrasound Appointment.

WoW! This Pregnancy seams to be flying by!
I cant believe in 1 month from today we will be having our Big Ultrasound, with the possibility/option to find out what Gender the baby will be.
As of yet, Ethan and I are undecided if we want to know.

As an update of sorts, we have our next routine appointment on Sept 4th and our ultrasound appointment on Sept 18th.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Evan...

Evan also @ Yamashita Park Yokohama.......
silly boy!

Just Olivia...

Here are some pic's of Olivia i took @ Yamashita Park in Yokohama.
Thats Yokohama Landmark Tower in the background.
This is a Beautiful park!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The kids...

...are growing this summer!
Evan is getting so big. I guess kids have to grow...


We went to Sushi last night for dinner (don't worry i did not eat anything "RAW", Although in Japan even pregnant ladies eat Raw Fish!).
We took the train to Uraga and ate at one of our favorite sushi places.
I was not in the mood or something last night... maybe because it was so HOT....
the building was A/C'd... but the walk to and from the place and so on... Very hot.
Tammy... you need to show me again how to drive there. haha.
The kids really enjoyed the Shrimp last night & Ethan is pretty adventurous... I wish i could have ate more... but i was YUCK feeling once we got there.
Enjoy the pictures.