Monday, August 24, 2009

What do you think??

When Olivia was a baby i heard of this old tale of 'how to predict the sex of your baby, with-out ultrasound'.
Now, i am the biggest sceptic!!
But i thought, why not try this...
FYI: This will only work for children from the same father.

So, you look at the hairline of your children.
If your child has a "V" hairline (Pull the hair up and look close to the neck)..., the next child will be the Opposite Sex.
If your child has a Straight Line Type hairline, the next child will be the Same sex.

I looked @ Olivia's hair line when she was little, before Evan was born. She had a "V" hairline. So, i thought,... maybe a BOY. The 18~20 week ultrasound told us BOY. :)
Well this time i looked again at Olivia's hair... lol ... "V" hairline still and i looked @ Evan's hair line about 2~3 years ago... it was Straight as a BOARD! No "V" at all. I said to myself... next baby will be a BOY.
Well, just now i thought... why not check his hairline again, and see.
I did...
It's a CLEAR "V" hairline! :-O... wow.
So, as per This prediction... it's a Girl. LOL

Hey, it's all in fun, right?
We still have not decided if we want to know the sex @ our Big u/s. Olivia's birth was so fun, as it was a true surprise.


Navy Chief Family said...

I hoping for there's no way I could wait til the birth...I am so far along are you now? Thanks for the update on the kids...they are growing faster than