Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hawaiian Luau!

When Tiffany & Mel were here in July we went to this Hawaiian Luau. (on base)
It was pretty fun & the dancers were amazing.
(makes me want to plan our Hawaiian Vacation!)
Anyways here are some pic's and I am included! (shock, gasp!)

Below is Ethan wearing this head piece he made.

Tiffany and I having fun, me not so much as i could not drink :(. (Craving that beer for sure... and i dont even 'drink' :-( )
I was about ... 2.5 months pregnant in this pic? i think...10 weeks?

And, the most fun!
Evan and Olivia having a blast with our Hula Garb.
The 1st pic is kinda blurry... but it was so cute (Evan!!)