Monday, August 24, 2009

Mt Fuji...

Here is Ethan with his hiking buddy @ the Top of Fuji-san! (Click the picture to make it bigger)

Ethan hiked Mt. Fuji today!
This was his 2nd time hiking the mountain.
The 1st time was years ago, when we lived in Sasebo Japan.
He wanted to climb it again for 2 reasons. 1st because the 1st time he climbed Mt. Fuji it was SO COLD and Overcast, he could hardly see anything/enjoy his hike. 2nd reason? It's CPO 'season' and well... they did this hike as a BIG CPO Event.
CPO selects & CPO's traveled from all around Japan to Hike today.
Now, i wont say he had a "fun" time, but... he did it. haha
I don't think he will do it again.