Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer '09

I tried to pick photo's that would help you see how much the kids have grown this summer.
It's hard to explain / show when you guys (family & friends) are 1/2 way around the world.
Here is Olivia at the end of school (1st grade) / beginning of summer.
[size 6 jeans and 6 top]

These pic's [below] were taken last week.
Olivia now in a size 8~10 top and 10's for bottoms!
Almost a size 3 for shoes.

Evan at end of summer wearing a 4T

Evan now wearing a size 5/6 or 6 boy sizes! No more "T or toddler sizes".

As someone pointed out, at least they grew like weeds in the summer when shorts and dresses were the main clothing. If they grew this way in the winter, we would be going through pants like Crazy! haha