Friday, August 14, 2009

A few pic's...

So on the way to Yokota base we spotted a JUSCO!
We loved loved loved Jusco while living in Sasebo, and I cant not wait to go and shop there again!
I think were planning a 1st week of school 'celebration' field trip for us mommies!
We also saw an Toys R Us & Outback Steakhouse.
And... China Pete's and Granberry Mall too. :):) Lots of things on the 'list' to do.

And, here is the view to the back seat. (LOL!!!!)
Evan and Olivia obviously in the middle row, sitting next to Erin.
In the back row... Tyler (acting silly)... Alyssa on his left (can only see her hat, LOL) and Taylor on his right... hiding. We had a nice time on the trip and the kids meshed well (ours and hers).


Where's the Fork said...

You know there is a Jusco right by Costco...and one not from the main base going towards Kurihama.