Friday, August 14, 2009

A little update

So, we have kept pretty low key for the past 2~3 weeks.
Its been so hot and humid and just plain ole' miserable... who wants to go anywhere?
Not me!!!!
None the less we have had to try and get out, for sanity's sake.
So, 2 days ago my friend Tammy asked if the kids & I wanted to make the drive with her to Yokota (an Airbase about 1~3 hours away).
I said Yes, and booked a room.
We got up Wednesday morning and headed out @ 730 am. We had the most horrific traffic (It's Japanese Summer Holiday time in Japan)... and it took us 2 hours & 15 minutes to reach the base. We arrive at 1015 am.
Burger King was on the list, so we stopped for breakfast! yummy!
Then it was off for some shopping. I wont go into detail, but their BX is awesome (in most every dept) and i found quite a few things for Olivia, Evan and myself!
After browsing through their commissary (which is WAY nicer than OUR Same Company Commissary....) we headed over to the Hotel and checked in.
We got adjoining rooms, and the kids (all 6) had a blast!
We did a few more shopping errands @ the other Bxtra store, where i got chalk/bubbles and other outdoor play items that they don't carry here, the world LARGEST navy base outside the USA. (WTHECK!)....
So... then we gathered everyone for some MUCH needed/wanted/craved pizza hut!!!! yay.....
Only to spend a small fortune and get AWFUL HARD NASTY Pizza!~
So bad... i called and complained!
You wont believe what they said. "Oh, we know... our dough maker is New and has been having problems"........ OMG.... You sold us Horrid Food and ....... were ok w/ that?
I mean... we spent 90$ on 4 pizza's/pasta and bread sticks! (We were going to bring some home)....
I was shocked!!! She willingly with out me asking refunded out money.
I cant believe that.
The good news was... it did not ruin out good time w/ friends and we only paid 40$ (each) for our hotel rooms. Kanto Lodge is awesome!!!!
We headed out after Another Stop @ Burger King Thursday morning.
We all ordered breakfast.... just to find out we could have ordered Anything on the menu!!!!
(It was like 7 am)....
Well i Ditched my Breakfast sand which (gave it away, not even opened!) and Ordered me a Whopper!!!!!!!!
LOL Now, its ok to eat a whopped @ 7 am right?
It was Sooo good and i am so glad we could order anything at anytime!!!
Our drive home was FAB!!!!! It only took a Little over an HOUR to get home!!! GREAT TRAFFIC and we did not get lost.
It was Amazing!!!
I also have seamed to get out of my 'rut' of wanting to be a hermit. :):)
So not it's all about waiting for the weather to turn cooler.... maybe another 1 month~ 6 weeks.
Oh and i have a FEW pic's.... so look for those coming up. :)


Navy Chief Family said...

Glad you had a good time. I so want to visit Yokota...Maybe soon! I understand about the hot and humid...horrible here...

Brenda said...

What the heck? You were here AGAIN??? We totally could have hooked up!

We have to HUGE Juscos very close to the base, as well as 2 really nice, super huge malls! Let me know when you come back again and I'll take you!

Also, next time you come w/ friends, request billeting on the East side, they're fully equipped 3bdrm/2 bath apartments! I think they're only like $75/nt, they're really nice.