Monday, August 24, 2009

Splish Splash!

Today we went to the pool here in Ikego.
The kids wore themselves o=u=t!!!
We will sure miss the pool when Summer is over. :(
Good thing we will be going weekly (once a week) to the Main Base Indoor pool for some R & R after school. :)
The kids sure do Enjoy the pool, as u can see.

Our Pool in Ikego is Deep... Olivia cant even touch!
But, it helps her Swimming Skills.
Evan is doing well with short burst of swimming, but still needs that Life Jacket.

Look @ her face, made me Laugh out loud!!!!!
Belly Flop City! haha

Fearless Evan.
He truly has No Fear!
Today, at the ladder he held his breath and went under................. All the way to the bottom!!! Just because Olivia did. Man, he is so crazy!