Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tomorrow is New Years Eve...

This snowman is Japanese style. Japanese snowman is two ball. This snowman put "Kagami-mochi" (round rice cakes offered to the gods at New Year's) on his head. :D And this kanji "福" meaning is happiness and good luck.

We will be at home.
Cleaning for the New Year, then bringing the New Year in... hopefully in a relaxing way.
We (as in All 5 of us) will be together.

If i don't see y'all before then. Happy New Year!!!

It's been 3 months?

I have been SUCH a slacker when it comes to this website.... Mostly because of Facebook. Can i blame facebook? I will. It's so easy to upload and share.

I <3>
We have been staying busy and getting out. --->
Lets catch up.

In October Daddy took a new job. So, we will be in Japan for 22 extra months.

In November we moved into a 4 bedroom house. AND Olivia turned 9... yes 9. WOW

Of course in December we celebrated Christmas and Daddy took 2 weeks of Vacation.

With the New Year is on top of us; Ethan and I will celebrate our 13 year anniversary and his 34th birthday. :O!
Evan will turn 6 just after 2011 starts up and Ava will be ONE in just 2 months.

So, with this fresh new year I have some "resolutions". I never do 'that'.... but this year i will try my hand at changing a few things.

Next time i visit... maybe I'll talk about that.....

Friday, October 1, 2010

A few of AVA

ok, maybe more than a "FEW"... lol
this is pretty much "Aug. Photos"...

Back Yard Fun!

We (as i have said before) moved the pool into the back yard. It was SUCH a Great decision and the kids just had a TOTAL blast. :)
Pictures ~>

Front yard fun

All summer we had such fun with our friends and front yard. This is just a few photo's, but we pretty much spent Every weekend BBQ'ing and having a blast.
We are so blessed and i am thankful.
Check out the pictures!

The pool!

We put the pool in the front yard for a Fun Saturday BBQ.
It was so fun we moved it into the back yard for the rest of summer. We just put it away, Sept 20th or so. :)

Um, 2 months, WOW!

How have i not logged in/blogged in 2 whole months? This is crazy to me. It's been such a crazy busy long summer. In the 2 + years i have had this blog, i have never gone this long.
I am going to try and recap the summer in a few short photo's and such. I hope hope hope to be back on the blog-wagon now and getting into a groove.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Bit from Today...

Today we had a small get together with our neighbor's, Coleen & Ryan.
We have realllly enjoyed our front yard this year, and have taken full advantage of it. :)
Please enjoy the pictures of the kids/our yard/the fire pit/and just us having fun this summer! :)
our front yard.

she is sitting so well!!


getting kisses

trying my 1st real food...


JUMBO Marshmallows

Ryan and Evan


Olivia, funny girl

cookie meditation

Alcaraz ER Tokyo Japan

Around August 1st we went to Alcatraz ER Theme Restaurant with some friends. It's in Shibuya Tokyo. We had a very fun time ... :)
This is just a snap shot of our visit. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ava is perfecting this sitting thing. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

She cut it, for Locks of Love

What have we been up to?

nothing much, beyond hanging out in the front yard and having dinner outdoors.
the kids are enjoying the good ole 5$ sprinkler, ...
its 2 hot to do anything really. we usually come out around 3ish.
good times

Ava turns 5 months!

Whats been going on with Ava?

This month she has learned how to roll over. :) She can roll both ways, but is a pro at rolling from back to belly. Also, she is enjoying her Tummy time more and more each day.
Just in the last week or 2 she has started to sit up very well, with quite a bit of roll downs (falls). But, she is getting better and better each day.
We have started Eating Solids. :) Every night before bed, about 5/6pm we have a bit of veggie/fruit and some cereal mixed in. She can take down a few tablespoons, that's it. She enjoys it.
We also, just today ... started to learn about/try a Sippy cup!! She can do it, and we are happy, as it's HOT here and we need that option for water/cold liquids when out and about.

Ava is moving right along development wise IMO (in my opinion) because she has a 8 yr old sister and a 5 yr old brother who play with her like she is a real "baby alive" and i let them (under supervision).
I believe the reason Ava is sitting already and has much amazing hand/finger control is because of the Older Siblings. They love playing with her :).
Don't get me wrong, i play with Ava... but i think the influence of the older children has a GREAT advantage.
Even yesterday, Ava was in her 'saucer outside in the front yard watching the kids in the sprinkler, Squealing and wanting to join, @ 5 months.
I could see her wanting to 'play' too. :)
I am thankful for such Wonderful/Beautiful Children! :)