Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's been 3 months?

I have been SUCH a slacker when it comes to this website.... Mostly because of Facebook. Can i blame facebook? I will. It's so easy to upload and share.

I <3>
We have been staying busy and getting out. --->
Lets catch up.

In October Daddy took a new job. So, we will be in Japan for 22 extra months.

In November we moved into a 4 bedroom house. AND Olivia turned 9... yes 9. WOW

Of course in December we celebrated Christmas and Daddy took 2 weeks of Vacation.

With the New Year is on top of us; Ethan and I will celebrate our 13 year anniversary and his 34th birthday. :O!
Evan will turn 6 just after 2011 starts up and Ava will be ONE in just 2 months.

So, with this fresh new year I have some "resolutions". I never do 'that'.... but this year i will try my hand at changing a few things.

Next time i visit... maybe I'll talk about that.....