Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo Update #2

Here is a few from today, Olivia's basketball game.
She is in the 9~12 yr old league. :)
She is really having fun. :)

Photo update!

Here are a few shot's of Evan playing 5~6 yr old basketball.
He is enjoying himself, and we love watching him try hard and be all boy! :)

This one is for the MEMORY Books!!!! ~~~>

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Photo update

Ava, Almost 1 year old.

Evan, 6... waiting to play some basketball. (Number 4)

Olivia, 9 playing in the yard....... SNOW!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

So busy!!

Wow! We have been busy.

So, here is the re-cap of the past few weeks.

Ethan is gone. He is working away for now, and will be for a few weeks. I look forward to his call's and Skype call's. Evan and Ava are doing well with his absence, but Olivia is struggling. :(

But, to keep us busy during the weeks --->
The kids have started Basketball! We have practice for both kids at diffrent times 2 times a week per child. Ugh!! Can be so busy, but some days they have practice on the same day and that's nice. We have games on Sat.

Also, Olivia is in Girl Scouts and now i am helping out weekly, so ... We ALL go. Monday is one busy day.

Olivia is also in a Speed Stacking club at school on Thursday Afternoons. We just play at the park, while she is stacking.

Evan is not into to many things, but Olivia sure is.

Ava and Mommy stay busy at home trying to get the house in order and the shopping done.

Yesterday we did a Job for Modeling for Ava. It was a Big Job and lasted 12 hours...You know, Ava was having fun and not upset one bit. Just walked and played. She sure had fun!

It's almost Valentines day and were getting those things together, for school. And the 100th day of school is also coming up and we have potluck's and crafts ... (mostly for Evan).
........... and Field Trips, SIGH......... busy i say!!!

Ok, Well... that's the update from here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day ??

I took the weekend off....
Then, today when i was going to "get it together"... i blew it tonight.
UGH! NEED to get re motivated.
But... the "17 day diet" thing is soooo $$ and over here (in Japan) it's hard to get the food needed. :(

So, i am still going to follow it as i can, and diet as i can.
:) Working out as well.... Keep Cheering me on. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 15th Day....

So, today was the 15th day of this 17 day cycle.
I had a "free" day. Although it was free, it was not about eating whatever i wanted.
I am still on a plan to loose weight.
No worries.
I did weigh in today, another week gone by.
I only lost just over a pound.
At 1st i thought it was just 1/2 of a pound, but it was a little over a pound after i did the math.
So this makes the 2 WEEK TOTAL at 4.6 pounds.
Not bad for 2 weeks.
Not as good as i hoped with the "promises" this plan offers. But, everything is relative.
I am ok with the loss,.... and i can and will keep on keep'n on.

So, today i planned a day out with a friend and knew i was going to cheat.
I had one Krispy Cream Donut... one Cafe' Latte at Starbucks, the small size. Also... with Very little sugar.
Then for lunch we went to El Torito's in the SKY.
I was worried about this. But, I did good. After looking at the menu i knew what i needed to order. A Salad. A Shrimp Salad.
I wanted all the beans and rice and so on. But, i did good and got a very lite Salad... with Very lite dressing and i ate one Tortilla.
Afterwards we went to the SOGO Food Extravaganza and i bought a few goodies, but only tasted them... and gave the rest away!
SIGH... that was hard, as i love good food....

Anyways, tonight we are having Chicken and Veggies and i am going to try to "get back on the wagon" for tomorrow.

My goal is far off... but this is a lifestyle change. I am making good choices for the future. I am not willing to sacrifice good times with good friends because i am afraid that one day,.... will screw me up forever. It wont~!
I am Keep'n on Keep'n on!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 13 !!!

This cycle is almost over!
Oh Yea!!!!!
5 more days.

I have been 'good'. I had one "bad day" but let me tell you that only consisted of 1/2 of a mixed drink and a bite of ice cream. HEY... we were @ Chili's and i enjoyed it VERY much and not regretting it.
I LOVED the Salmon @ chili's and it hit the spot.

Honestly, i want the carbs... the bread. But, my body is not "craving" it. I only want it because i know how good it is.
Otherwise, i am A OK.
I cant wait to mix up my meals a bit next cycle. YAY for Oatmeal and Brown Rice. (LOL)

I have only weighed in once, but let me tell you i feel FANTASTIC!
I am loosing inches but wont know about the weight until next weigh in, Thursday.
(2 FULL weeks)
My last day on this cycle is the Sunday!

Oh... and i am adding in a "shake" into my diet. It's a Low/No Carb Shake~low cal/fat... and it's only for on -the-go days when i cant/don't pack a lunch or breakfast.
Hey.... it cant hurt, as the other option is a drive thru!