Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 13 !!!

This cycle is almost over!
Oh Yea!!!!!
5 more days.

I have been 'good'. I had one "bad day" but let me tell you that only consisted of 1/2 of a mixed drink and a bite of ice cream. HEY... we were @ Chili's and i enjoyed it VERY much and not regretting it.
I LOVED the Salmon @ chili's and it hit the spot.

Honestly, i want the carbs... the bread. But, my body is not "craving" it. I only want it because i know how good it is.
Otherwise, i am A OK.
I cant wait to mix up my meals a bit next cycle. YAY for Oatmeal and Brown Rice. (LOL)

I have only weighed in once, but let me tell you i feel FANTASTIC!
I am loosing inches but wont know about the weight until next weigh in, Thursday.
(2 FULL weeks)
My last day on this cycle is the Sunday!

Oh... and i am adding in a "shake" into my diet. It's a Low/No Carb Shake~low cal/fat... and it's only for on -the-go days when i cant/don't pack a lunch or breakfast.
Hey.... it cant hurt, as the other option is a drive thru!