Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 15th Day....

So, today was the 15th day of this 17 day cycle.
I had a "free" day. Although it was free, it was not about eating whatever i wanted.
I am still on a plan to loose weight.
No worries.
I did weigh in today, another week gone by.
I only lost just over a pound.
At 1st i thought it was just 1/2 of a pound, but it was a little over a pound after i did the math.
So this makes the 2 WEEK TOTAL at 4.6 pounds.
Not bad for 2 weeks.
Not as good as i hoped with the "promises" this plan offers. But, everything is relative.
I am ok with the loss,.... and i can and will keep on keep'n on.

So, today i planned a day out with a friend and knew i was going to cheat.
I had one Krispy Cream Donut... one Cafe' Latte at Starbucks, the small size. Also... with Very little sugar.
Then for lunch we went to El Torito's in the SKY.
I was worried about this. But, I did good. After looking at the menu i knew what i needed to order. A Salad. A Shrimp Salad.
I wanted all the beans and rice and so on. But, i did good and got a very lite Salad... with Very lite dressing and i ate one Tortilla.
Afterwards we went to the SOGO Food Extravaganza and i bought a few goodies, but only tasted them... and gave the rest away!
SIGH... that was hard, as i love good food....

Anyways, tonight we are having Chicken and Veggies and i am going to try to "get back on the wagon" for tomorrow.

My goal is far off... but this is a lifestyle change. I am making good choices for the future. I am not willing to sacrifice good times with good friends because i am afraid that one day,.... will screw me up forever. It wont~!
I am Keep'n on Keep'n on!!!!