Thursday, February 10, 2011

So busy!!

Wow! We have been busy.

So, here is the re-cap of the past few weeks.

Ethan is gone. He is working away for now, and will be for a few weeks. I look forward to his call's and Skype call's. Evan and Ava are doing well with his absence, but Olivia is struggling. :(

But, to keep us busy during the weeks --->
The kids have started Basketball! We have practice for both kids at diffrent times 2 times a week per child. Ugh!! Can be so busy, but some days they have practice on the same day and that's nice. We have games on Sat.

Also, Olivia is in Girl Scouts and now i am helping out weekly, so ... We ALL go. Monday is one busy day.

Olivia is also in a Speed Stacking club at school on Thursday Afternoons. We just play at the park, while she is stacking.

Evan is not into to many things, but Olivia sure is.

Ava and Mommy stay busy at home trying to get the house in order and the shopping done.

Yesterday we did a Job for Modeling for Ava. It was a Big Job and lasted 12 hours...You know, Ava was having fun and not upset one bit. Just walked and played. She sure had fun!

It's almost Valentines day and were getting those things together, for school. And the 100th day of school is also coming up and we have potluck's and crafts ... (mostly for Evan).
........... and Field Trips, SIGH......... busy i say!!!

Ok, Well... that's the update from here.